Kamp Kronenberg Ambassador to Rabbit Nation

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I gave Charlie and Bella a couple of Holly and Tim’s adult Sherwood Forest pellets and I think they like them. I read up about them and they’re supposed to be very good for them. Looks like we may give them a try. No more Panacur for baby bunnies, yay! They really did not like taking it. I don’t want them to hate me! Clover keeps trying to go into the kitchen. I told her after we sweep the floor I’d let her go check it out for a little while, supervised. She’s so curious! Little Holly reminds me of a pug dog. She likes to rub her nose at my ankles and shoes, but runs away when I try to pet her. Tim was stretched out in the corner today and was so tired that he didn’t mind me giving him a nice long pet. Hudson’s favorite napping spot now is behind our couch in the middle. No one can get to her so she can flop on her side and close her eyes for a nice long nap.

I said goodbye to King Kirby and his subjects at Rabbit Nation this morning. Every bun was up for petting and even some grooming (I can’t help it! It’s a compulsion). I brought my brother with me last night and Annie loved sniffing him all over. “You’re someone new!” Both Toby and Penny were up on the couch today sniffing my purse. I’m sure it smells of all kinds of bunnies. I’m glad these guys warmed up to me so quickly. I don’t think my buns would be so receptive of a strange human coming into “their” home and feeding and cleaning up after them. They don’t even like it when I clean up!


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