Exploring Charlie’s Kingdom

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Last night I let Clover into the kitchen. Well, less *I let* and more *she went on her own and I didn’t shoo her back*. She hopped around, sniffing everything, and then headed into the hall. She eventually went back around to her pen and then made several trips in and out before collapsing in the hall, exhausted. That’s lot of ground for a little bunny to cover. She wasn’t ready to go back yet, so I carried her upstairs and let her have a meet and greet with my buns. Charlie was so curious to see her, and hopped cautiously over to the fence in the doorway. Bella was nonplussed, as usual. They stuck their noses together for a while before Clover got bored and started to explore more upstairs. Charlie was still watching her at the fence. I swear, he loves all rabbits. I think I could have bonded him to anyone mildly willing.

Tim keeps periscoping to see Hudson. When he’s in the litter box, he’s another couple of inches off the ground and can see her a little. She doesn’t make a fuss, just keeps a watchful eye on him. Holly isn’t tall enough to know what’s going on, but if she was I’m sure she’d have something to say about it. She’s very possessive of HER Timmy. And they haven’t even been bonded that long.


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