Last Vacation Day

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Toby seems to eat his pellets, but is taking his time doing it. Might be because I gave him a little extra greens. He certainly not going hungry! For some reason, he wouldn’t eat the pellets his parents brought, but will eat ours – even though they’re exactly the same! “Not the same to Sir Toby!” *sigh* Super smart bunnies always present problems.

The fabulous foursome is going home tonight, and the house will certainly be more empty without them. No little Annie to enthusiastically greet us at the living room entrance. No more Toby lying against the, fence staring at his siblings. And no more Penny and Kirby running over to the fence, begging for treats.

Happy Toby = No Pellets

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Toby didn’t really eat his pellets the last two feedings. I tried crushing them and mixing it with banana, but he still didn’t want it. It didn’t go to waste though, Annie said it was yummy. He’s eating all the greens I give him, so I’m doing that 3 times a day now, just like my rabbits. He’ll be all right without the pellets as long as he’s getting nutrients from greens. Bunny Benita is on that diet as well.

He seems happy and content. He’ll take treats, greens and hay, but says NO to pellets. I wonder if he doesn’t really like them and only eats them if he’s bored. He’s certainly not bored here, so maybe that’s why he isn’t eating. He even did a big binky when I brought him greens last night. He’s been greeting Annie at her fence whenever I let him out of his pen. She always runs over to him. I think she comes on a bit strong for him so he always backs up a little. They do seem to be very interested in each other!

We bought a new rug for Annie, the other one was too thin and “accidents” were going through it. She doesn’t seem to get the litter box concept. She’s used to living in a cage, so maybe a pen takes some adjusting for her. While we switched the rug, Annie came in the kitchen with me. She loved that. She hopped all over and looked at the bunny in the dishwasher, and in oven (reflections).

Every time I go in to see Kirby and Penny they dance around my feet. I don’t now if they think I have food, or are just happy to see me. They seem contented with petting though. Kirby got into the kitchen last night and now all he wants to do is go back. He was zipping around on the floor. I told him he could come in again after we swiffer the floor, but the king doesn’t like to wait.

The Royal Visit Continues

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Toby hasn’t been eating all of his pellets, but I’ve been giving him extra greens to compensate. He eats those readily. He’s also so fond of hay. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rabbit munch on hay as much as he does. He also loves exploring. I let him out of his pen a little and he went over to sniff Annie. It was very cute. He also said hello to Penny, but I made sure he kept away from Kirby. His favorite spot to be was in the spill-off next to the big hay box, munching away.

We made a special pen for Penny to separate her from Kirby at meal time, but Kirby keeps wanting to go in there. Instead of eating he just rattles the fence. Silly boy. He doesn’t want Penny to be able to be somewhere he’s not. He is the King after all. So I manages to find a solution. I let Penny back in and Kirby will eat, but then I have to pet Penny so that she won’t go after his food. I was surprised that worked. My bunnies will always take food over petting, but I guess Penny is hungry for attention!

Annie discovered jumping up onto a box and then up onto the chair is possible. Then, somehow she managed to get up on top of the table she likes to spend the day sleeping under. We put her carrier up there and she went in there for a little while. I’m wondering how long it will take her before she attempts to jump over a fence from up there. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem too interested in that.

Toby Takes Over

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I ate dinner with Sir Toby and then spent the evening with Princess Penny and King Kirby. He sat at my feet for awhile, or is it that I sat at his feet, being royalty and all? Toby seems to alternate between sitting in the middle of the living room and watching Annie, to sitting by the dining room, watching Penny and Kirby. He’s so much like my Charlie. Wants to know everything that’s going on. I always make sure I greet him first. Nothing seems to bother Lady Annie, but she’s always nose-up for pets.

Around 9:30, my brother yells down that our rabbits are hopping around upstairs looking for me. Aw! I ran up to assure them that I was still here, even though I’m with “other bunnies.” Bella spent a long time sniffing my kneecap until it tickled so much that I had to inch away. Charlie was chinning everything in sight. There hasn’t been any other buns in our room, but I guess he needs to mark everything as his, just in case some other bunny “gets ideas.”

The Royal Rabbits Arrive

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King Kirby and his royal court are staying with us for the week. We’ve provided accommodations worthy of bunnies of their station and, of course, human slaves for all of their needs.

I told Toby that he’s in charge downstairs. He’s the night watchman. He spent the evening sitting in the middle of the living room, where he could see everything that’s going on. He lay against the fence at night.

Annie is a little bundle of energy. She’s been doing binkys and runs in her pen and under the table. She eventually settled under the table to sleep. Such a little cutie!

Kirby and Penny explored every inch of their pen. When we separated them at feeding time last night, they lay against the fence next to each other. Aw! Kirby took his time eating. This morning he was too slow for Penny and she was rattling the fence to get back with him. She loves her Kirby! Or maybe his food.

Charlie: “She did it!”

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We clipped Bella’s nails last week. Instead of picking her up, we let her keep her back feet on the table, like I do with Charlie. She behaved a lot better than usual. I really think that makes a difference. We still need two people to do her, but at least it doesn’t take us over an hour!

After staying in my room all night, Bella went to town in my parents’  room’s litter box. The floor is more litter, poop and hay than carpet now. Fortunately, it’s not my room! She’s been waking them up whenever she’s allowed to stay in there at night. Oh Bella. We’re thinking of taking her outside so she can run off some of that excess energy.

She also scared my brother recently. I heard him yelp, wondering what on Earth would do that, only to then hear him exclaim, “Bella!”. She apparently came in and nudged his foot. I’m accustomed to that bunny greeting, but he doesn’t expect it in his room. The buns only go in there every so often.

Return of Bunnyzilla – Part VII

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Bella has been digging in the litter box, and pulling up carpet on the floor. She’s also taken to stealing Charlie’s food again. It’s been an easy summer. Get ready for fall! I’m glad to have her feeling better though. I know she wasn’t happy when she couldn’t be her crazy self. She still keeps a little weight off of the foot, but I think she’s just being careful. We’ll check her paw later this week when we clip her nails. That’ll be fun! Not.

After a visiting family of buns came along with willow balls that one bunny promptly destroyed with glee, I decided to get some for my buns. Charlie and Bella ate them both in a few days. Looks like I’ll have to get some more!

Everybody Snuggle!

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In the afternoon Budgie was getting restless so I let him out of his pen for a bit. He of course went over to Snoopy, but Snoopy ran over to the other side of his pen. It might have been because the window was open over there, or maybe he just didn’t want his nap disturbed. In the evening Snoopy came out of his pen and he proceeded to lay down up against Budgie’s fence. Aw! Budgie groomed his back a little and then lay down next to him. For a 2 and 7 year old, they’re much better behaved than human brothers would be.

I’ve noticed that when Budgie drinks, he makes little slurping noises. It’s adorable! He drinks a lot too so I get to hear him often. Everyone in the house has been able to pet both bunnies by now. I got a little purring from both, mostly licks from Budgie. This morning Budgie climbed into my lap and licked me while I pet him until he fell asleep. A lap bunny!

Affection Overload

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Budgie is such a licker. I think he likes licking me more than he does me petting him. It’s so nice to have him as a couch buddy. He’s like a little doggie. Snoopy let me pet him for a little last night and he purred. Each of them likes to sit and watch the other when I’m with them. “You’re my entertainment, brother!” it’s too bad they can’t be bonded. I think each would do well with a mate, especially Budgie. He’s such an attention-seeker he needs someone else to dilute his need. and I just can’t say no to a bunny who runs over to me an asks for petting. I’m well-trained and they know it.

Back upstairs, Bella is back to her old tricks again, pulling up carpet, digging in the litter box, and creating general mayhem. But it’s nice to know that she feels better.

It’s a Boy’s Club

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Budgie and Snoopy are back! Budgie is such a little needy bun! He craves attention, but rewards it with some warm licks of his tongue. This morning he licked me after taking a cool drink and his tongue was kinda cold!

Snoopy seems fine to be left on his own, watching Budgie for his entertainment. Remind you of anybun? He will let me pet him when he feels like it. I respect a bun that makes you work for it.

Last night Bella was out in the hall, trying to see what new bunnies had come to stay at our house. Budgie was in the living room, trying to get a glimpse of her, so I picked him up and brought him up to the hall. We put the little fence up, and all 3 rabbits went cautiously towards it. Charlie was the mist interested, as usual, and then Budgie lay down and stuck his nose through the fence. Both Charlie and Bella groomed him, but he’s not much of reciprocator. They were all so well behaved! I wonder how my buns would like adding another…

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