No Rest For the Petters

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I took a little nap last night on the floor with Cinnabun. She sure is a needy girl! Whenever I dozed off and my hand stopped petting her and got up, walked around me and nudged me. No sleep for you! Bun-bun only wanted to jump up on the couch when I wasn’t up there, but did like pettings on the floor. Whenever I checked on them from upstairs at night, I saw Bun-bun, ear erect looking back up at me. He’s like a little puppy.

I made Halloween costumes for Charlie and Bella and I have a couple more for Cinnabun and Bun-bun. I’ll do a photo shoot later today and post the results in tomorrow’s update. Here’s hoping I don’t get a finger bitten off in the process!

Another Pair of Boo-nnies for Halloween!

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We’ve got two extra buns with us for Halloween! Cinnabun (orange and black) is appropriately dressed for the holiday already! She and her brother, Bun-bun are going to be here for a few days, and they’ve already made themselves quite at home.

Bun-bun spent the early evening in his carrier sleeping, but was not shy about coming out for chow time. Later on he came out and had a good ‘ole time hopping up and down on the couch. He even jumped up to snuggle with my brother. He kept following us around and I felt bad when I had to go up for bed. Fortunately he just sprawled out in the middle of the floor and took a nap.

Cinnabun loved chinning EVERYTHING in the dining room. She kept coming over and nudging my feet. I snuggled with her on the floor and groomed her for a little while. Both buns came running for their pellets in the morning. Hmm, where have I seen that before…

“Oh, Did You Go Somewhere?”

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I came home a few days ago from a week away from the buns. I had installed a webcam in my closet door at “bunny eye-level” to keep an eye on them (and their sitter) while I was away. Of course, they behaved like little angels. I don’t even think they cared that I was away! But that’s a good thing. It always made me smile when I clicked on the cam and was able to see my fluffy little sweeties. I’m sure the people around me thought I was a weirdo cooing at my phone¬† and kissing the screen, but I didn’t care! It helped that I was mostly at Walt Disney World, where “normal” behavior can vary greatly. I’m glad to be home and even happier that Bella and Charlie weren’t mad at me for leaving.

*Grunt*Grunt* See You Soon!

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I’m going to Florida this week, sans bunnies. I’m gonna miss them so much!!! But my brother is going to take good care of them. I told Charlie to tell me if he doesn’t. I hope they’re okay without me. Last time family members went away, Bella nested, so I hope that doesn’t happen. So, for this week, Charlie and Bella are in charge of the house and you know what that means…. BUNNY HOUSE PARTY!

Presto! 2 More Snuggle Bunnies

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Both Julian and Leah Nora were more friendly today and very peppy. They each did runs around the room a few times throughout the day. I took a lil nap with Julian in the afternoon, until he woke me up by nudging my butt. I also heard Leah Nora snoring. It’s a cute little honk. She also honked quite a bit when she finally let me pet her. I had to struggle not to laugh and frighten her. Julian let me pet and groom him a little.

I find it interesting that rabbits will let a relative newcomer clean the crust out of the corner of their eyes. Nearly everybun I meet will let me. I think it must mean something different in rabbit-world. I know that Charlie will lick Bella’s eyes when he comes over to greet her, so perhaps it’s some way of saying hello, with affection. As long as I’m getting purrs and not bites, I’m happy.

Two More Fluffs of Bunny for Me, Please!

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Julian (dutch and Leah Nora (lop) are with us for the weekend. They both adjusted very quickly and exploring everywhere and chinning everything. They’ll sniff my hand but only let me get in a little head pet. I DON’T KNOW YOU! They’re very curious though. After I went upstairs and Charlie smelled “other bunnies” on me he had to “re-chin” all of his stuff. He likes other bunnies, but wants to make sure they know this is HIS house. Naturally.

Julian and Leah Nora both started chowing down right away and Leah Nora flopped against the fence for a nap. Julian liked watching the TV, which is good since it’s going to be on a lot this weekend. His favorite spot is under coffee table, right where you can’t see him. Bunnies are very good at finding the least visible spot in the room for napping. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run around calling various rabbit names because I can’t find them! At least the buns downstairs don’t have a closet to hide in.

Charlie’s Expulsions

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Well, after watching Charlie run into the middle of my room and lift up his tail to go after my mom came in, I know what he’s up to. This is clearly territorial behavior. The little man is staking his claim. Unfortunately he likes to do it in my parents’ bedroom to let them know this is HIS HOUSE. My goodness what a fussy little guy.

Last night as I was falling asleep, I heard a little snore from Charlie. He’ll occasionally let out a loud one, it sounds something like a muffled honk. It’s adorable, but sometimes a little surprising. Bella was woken up by it once. I’m just happy that my snoring roommate is a quiet rabbit, and not a loud person.

Charlie’s Wet Surprises

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While in a bunny-sitting lull, I got out the Halloween decorations today. Bella tried to eat a fake pumpkin. She doesn’t like the real ones though. They both loved sniffing the floor after I took the boxes down from the attic. I let both buns have a taste of apple cider and Bella loved it, of course. She came back for seconds and thirds and then I had to take it away before she drank the whole glass.

Lately, for a currently unknown reason, Charlie has been peeing all over the floor in my parents’ room. He could have smelled something we tracked in, felt we had somehow slighted him, or he could possibly have something wrong medically. We’re watching it. He’s always been a “malicious pee-er” and he’s good about using the litter boxes in my room, so I don’t really know what to make of it. He’s a tough little guy to figure out. In the meantime, both buns are getting limited access to my parents’ room, which is a good thing for my mom, as she recently broke a toe and doesn’t need to literally add insult to injury by stepping in bunny pee.

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