Double Holiday Weekend

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We started setting up our new Christmas tree, and Glenda has been watching the entire time. “Thanksgiving and Christmas in one weekend? I like this house!” I keep letting her in the kitchen when I’m cleaning bunny greens and she loves it. She always binkys in the dining room when I open her gate. She’s such a sweetheart! She likes to flop down up against my feet. Aw! My buns only do that to one-another.

Cranberry Snuggle

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Bella has gone back to using the litter box more (as opposed to the puppy pads in front of it) and she even ran through her cardboard tube last night. She loved the cranberry sauce I gave her. So did Glenda. I was eating some later and she smelled it. Uh-oh. When those little noses start wiggling, they spring into action. So, of course I caved and gave her some. We watched some TV and had a loooooong petting session. This girl never says, “stop!” It’s so nice when I have buns that WANT to be petted.

Hoppy Thanksgiving!

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Charlie and Bella watched the parade for awhile, snuggled together. Then they ate their pellets are now are passed out under my chair. I can hear Charlie snoring. He sounds like a turkey! Bella seems in better spirits than the last couple of days, and she’s putting some weight on her sore arm. I’m thankful she feels better.

Glenda is spending her holiday so far, asleep under the dining room table. She must be exhausted from all the bunny runs she did last night.

Sliding and Thumping

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Glenda likes to dig at the newspaper in her litter box, but doesn’t make a mess of it, so it’s fine with me. I let her come into the kitchen in the evening and she scooted around like a little seal, sliding everywhere. It was so cute! Most buns that try to come in the kitchen and slide don’t usually stay for very long, but she was so curious that she kept exploring. So far she’s eaten all of the greens and pellets we’ve given her, including a few treats. She’s got such big fluffy feet. My dad said he hear her hopping around when he was below her in the basement!

Quieter House Today

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We took Bella to the vet yesterday. The doc said Bella seemed to be in a lot of pain when she touched her shoulder. She felt a muscular knot in her shoulder and decided to sedate her x-ray. There didn’t seem to be any breaks or fractures, but there was some arthritis forming in her left shoulder.  My poor baby! She told us to keep up with the medicam and cage rest and gave us some banana-flavored supplements for the arthritis. Well at least she’ll like that. Banana is Bell’s favorite.

King Kirby and his royal buns left us for home this morning. Little Toby thumped when he saw his mama but was quick to give her a hug. Annie went into her carrier and played with a towel and never came back out. What a funny little girl! I think Kirby and Penny will be happy to be home. Penny is very easygoing, but Kirby was NOT happy that he wasn’t the pampered prince he’s used to at home. I’ll miss Annie running over to the fence to greet me. She’s such a little puppy.

Our dining room isn’t lonely though, because we got a new arrival just after the royal quartet left: Glenda. I haven’t interacted with her much yet, as it’s nap time, but she seems very curious about her surroundings and not afraid at all. I’m sure we’ll become fast friends. She’s such a golden cutie!

Bunnies at Warp 9

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I forgot to give Kirby and Penny fresh water last night, so at 1 am I went back down to do so. I’ve never seen a bunny fly past me as fast as Kirby did when I came into the pen. He went straight for the kitchen door. Fortunately, it was still closed. I’ve learned from this sly bun. He doesn’t always come for food or for petting, but always runs to the door when he thinks he might be able to break out.

Toby has been going over to Annie’s pen a lot in past couple of days. In the beginning, if I thought they were going to snap at each other I intervened. I haven’t heard or seen any aggression from them lately though. They seem to be getting along, which is nice. Annie is quite feisty, but if there’s any bunny that can tame her, it’s smart little Toby.

We’re taking our Bella to the vet this morning to get her paw checked out again. She doesn’t seem to be getting any better and we want to make sure there isn’t something else wrong. We’re probably going to need to confine her further. I’m going to have two very angry bunnies on my hands again.

Position: Full Time Bunny Entertainer

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After the willow balls were such a hit with my buns, I bought them a cube. Bella isn’t sure about it yet, but did toss it around a little.

Annie did a great job of completely dismantling her nibbler knob. I tried to put some of it back together, but she promptly tossed it around and it came apart again. Oh well, as long as she’s having fun. Toby’s ear is forming a nice crust as it heals. He doesn’t mind me rubbing it either. Occasionally he’ll go over and sniff annie. She’ll stick her nose through the fence and ask him to lick her. He doesn’t really get that, but backs away when she tries to lick him. “I don’t understand girls!”

Kitchen Rabbits

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Yesterday 3 out of the 4 buns came in the kitchen with me. Penny will only stay on a piece of cardboard at the entrance, but still follows Kirby through the door every time he comes in. He flies though the gate and scurries across the floor, sniffing every inch for anything new. Annie is a little more tentative, pausing in the doorway and hopping back when spotting me. Eventually she sticks her nose into everything. Toby is more like my Charlie. His feet will never touch uncarpet-ed ground. He walks to the edge of the carpet in the hall, peers out, and then turns back around. It’s certainly easier to let him run around free with a natural boundary in place!

Snuggles and Name Calling

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I opened up Annie’s pen last night to give her more room and she binkyed all over. I take that as her way of saying, “Thank you!” Toby, of course sat and watched her the entire time. Eventually it was time to go back in her pen and I had to pick her up and carry her back. She didn’t struggle at all (NOT what I’m used to) and just snuggled into me while I held her. Many kisses were given on my part. Baby bunnies may be more work, but they are very often more rewarding.

I’ve found myself calling Toby by some of my Charlie’s nicknames. More than once I’ve looked over and seen Charlie at the top of the stairs. I have to be careful what I say. I might be calling the wrong bunny’s attention.

While Kirby finished his pellets this morning I gave Penny a long pet. Her fur is so soft and shiny. She’s not a super needy bun, but does enjoy a good petting session.

Bunny Lessons

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Toby dove into his pellets this morning, which puts him more on par with his siblings. He’s still not a fan of my cookies though. Everyone else gets one at bedtime, but to him I give a barley biscuit. It’s okay, my feelings aren’t hurt. I’m just bewildered. He likes banana, alfalfa and pellets, and that’s all they’re made of. Odd. But then, that’s what Toby is.

I let Annie out in the living room a little last night. I waited to see if she would go up on the couch and she eventually did. I stopped her from going onto the end table but she was excited to get that far.

Last night when Penny finished her pellets she went over to eat Kirby’s and I called her out on it. Then she surprised me by listening and hopping away from the bowl. What a good girl.

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