Litter Box of Doom

November 11, 2013 at 12:20 pm | Posted in bunny, long island, pet, rabbit, sitting | 1 Comment
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So, we changed Budgie and Snoopy’s litter boxes and put some feline pine on top of the newspaper. As soon as we placed Budgie’s down, he hopped in and then sprung back out, scaring both of us. It must have sounded different when he hopped in than he was expecting and it startled him. It would have been hilarious if he wasn’t so shocked. I pushed the hay aside to show him what was inside and he eventually hopped back in. After, he immediately ran over to Snoopy’s fence and I swear he told Snoopy what happened because then Snoopy hopped into his box, and then back out again. He wasn’t as bothered by it and later used the box. I’ve never had rabbits react like that to a litter box. Usually they don’t care what they’re peeing onto!


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  1. Creatures of habit. It doesn’t take much to spook budgie đŸ™‚

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