Kamp Kronenberg Cabins are Full

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Budgie and Snoopy went home this morning. That leaves us with the four buns who came last night. I thought Budgie would like seeing other rabbits, but the poor little guy was frightened. He thumped a few times so I blocked his view. I don’t think he liked having to share me with other rabbits though.

King Kirby and his royal court will be staying with us for almost two weeks. Kirby and his queen Penny have settled in comfortably. They spend most of their time snuggling. Awe!  Sir Toby isn’t sure what to make of everything. He’s eating his greens, but not much of his pellets. His hay, however, he can’t get down fast enough. I’ve never met a rabbit who preferred hay to greens and pellets. He let me put cream on his ear without a fuss and I even got him to purr a little. Annie purred quite a bit. She’s so full of spunk. All evening long she was making noise doing one thing or another. I hope she settled down a little last night so her roommates could get some sleep!

Our buns aren’t too crabby with me. Charlie did something odd though: he let my mom pet him. He rarely lets this happen, and prefers to box her. I wonder if the bunny smells confused him, or maybe he was craving attention. It would be great if the 2 of them could get along … but I don’t really see that happening. There’s only room for one top bunny in this house (except for Bella), and Charlie isn’t giving up his spot.


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