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We took Bella to the vet yesterday. The doc said Bella seemed to be in a lot of pain when she touched her shoulder. She felt a muscular knot in her shoulder and decided to sedate her x-ray. There didn’t seem to be any breaks or fractures, but there was some arthritis forming in her left shoulder.  My poor baby! She told us to keep up with the medicam and cage rest and gave us some banana-flavored supplements for the arthritis. Well at least she’ll like that. Banana is Bell’s favorite.

King Kirby and his royal buns left us for home this morning. Little Toby thumped when he saw his mama but was quick to give her a hug. Annie went into her carrier and played with a towel and never came back out. What a funny little girl! I think Kirby and Penny will be happy to be home. Penny is very easygoing, but Kirby was NOT happy that he wasn’t the pampered prince he’s used to at home. I’ll miss Annie running over to the fence to greet me. She’s such a little puppy.

Our dining room isn’t lonely though, because we got a new arrival just after the royal quartet left: Glenda. I haven’t interacted with her much yet, as it’s nap time, but she seems very curious about her surroundings and not afraid at all. I’m sure we’ll become fast friends. She’s such a golden cutie!


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