Two Bunnies for Midnight

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I just discovered that Uriel likes to sleep up on the chairs under the table in the dining room. It’s the funniest thing. I looked all over and couldn’t find him anywhere in his pen. Then I look under the table and there he is- asleep on a chair. I think he misses Jeffrey. The little guinea piggy went home last night, and Uriel keeps looking over at his pen. You still have your big sister little guy! Benita is stretched out like a rug on the floor. It’s her usual pose after eating. You can’t wake her for anything. Maybe for another piece of food though…

Is That Food? Are You Food? Where’s the Food!

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After staying in her pen all night, Benita broke out this morning. I made the mistake of tying a piece of fence to the couch with string and, of course, she chewed right through it and pushed the fence aside. A few quick adjustments and she should be safely kept inside now. Sneaky bunny! On a good note, she ran over to Uriel’s fence and they just nosed each other. Aw!

Uriel’s been eating his pellets at lightening speed. When he’s done he periscopes up the fence and begs for more, so I gave him some of our pellets. This little guy is learning from his big sister!

Jeffrey’s been a hungry boy too. He’s eating his pellets and now, whenever I get food ready for everyone at night, he’s at the kitchen door, squeaky at me. “Feed me!” So, I have to give him his dinner in pieces while I it ready for the bunnies. All is usually well, but last night Uriel saw Jeffrey eating and got upset. “Why does HE get food now, and I have to wait!” *sigh* So now everyone gets a little snack while I prepare the bowls.

Making Bunny Forts Under the Couch

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Benita has been so skittish lately. She ran scared when I came in the room, again when my dad came up the stairs, and thumped when my brother walked with his shirt off. Poor girl! She’s also taken to burrowing under the blanket on the couch. I couldn’t find her yesterday in the pen, until I saw a big bulge in front of the couch, wiggling. Bunnies are an endless source of amusement.

I removed all of the cardboard between Uriel and Jeffrey so they can see each other all along the fence. They ran along it for a bit, with Jeffrey following Uriel. They’re so cute together. I think Uriel likes having someone smaller than himself to play with.

And lastly, here are some videos of Benita, Uriel and Jeffrey opening presents on Christmas. I dare you to find something cuter than an animal unwrapping a present. Can’t be done!

Their Love (And Fur) Keeps Me Warm

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Benita completed her usual evening runs with a flying couch jump into my lap. I was eating ice cream at the time, so I don’t blame her. She didn’t get any, or I would’ve lost it all!

I had a nice snuggle with Uriel. There’s so little to him I had to be careful not to crush him. He seemed perfectly contented.

I read up a bit on guinea pigs, and found out that some like to have a box with hay to burrow in, so we gave Jeffrey one to play with. He loved it!

Interspecies Friendships!

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I left Jeffrey and Uriel’s fence view open all day, and for the most part they ignored one another. That’s a great sign! Indifference means acceptance. I think Jeffrey was more interested than Uriel. He spent the day sleeping in his box next to the fence and kept looking over to see Uriel. Interspecies friendships are the best. I know I love being part of them!

Not to be outdone, Benita spent the evening on the sofa, lounging, exploring, and licking a pillow. At one point she knocked a tissue box into her litter box and tried to eat a garbage bag. She even got my dad to come over and sit on the couch to pet her. No one is immune to the Benita!!

Who’s That Furry Friend Next Door?

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I took away some of the cardboard so that Uriel and Jeffrey could see each other. It was adorable. The little guinea pig and little bunny sniffing each other at the fence. Finally, Jeffrey got to see what was making so much noise next door to him. I think Uriel was just as excited to see what had been hiding behind the fence. Neither were aggressive, Uriel is about twice Jeffrey’s size, but even he backed up when Jeffrey came a little too close for comfort. I think they both want to be able to play together, but I don’t know that we’ll go that far. We’ll see how more visual contact goes.

I also changed up Benita’s fencing so she could see through Uriel’s pen to see Jeffrey. I think she really enjoyed seeing Uriel meet and greet with him. Even if it meant that she wasn’t the center of attention.

I baked a batch of my bunny-banana cookies last night and EVERYONE wanted them. Benita went nuts when she smelled me mixing the dough and almost lost it when they were baking in the oven. She’s always hungry, that one!

Later that night I gave my Charlie and Bella some left-over cranberry sauce and they gobbled it up. Charlie wound up with some of it on his nose. What a messy cutie!

My Presents Are Delicious!

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Everyone loved their Christmas presents. The buns and Jeffrey opened some last night, and then more from Santa this morning. Benita was watching all of the humans open their presents and ran over to me, eager to have some of her own. Boy was she good at ripping them open! Her favorite toy was a big willow ball. It took her a few minutes to understand that there were treats in her stocking when I put it down for her. I think she was expecting me to put down a bowl, so I pointed her nose in the right direction and the treats were promptly gobbled down.

Uriel didn’t seem to understand what was going on. It’s his first Christmas, after all. I brought him over his presents and had to start opening them up for him. Eventually he came over and played tug-of-war with the wrapping paper. Once he got one open, he started playing with the paper and ignoring the presents. Silly boy doesn’t understand! He tossed around the paper until I showed him the present was much better. Then he got the message. His favorite present was a willow cube.

Jeffrey has never had a Christmas either, so I helped him open his gifts too. He was quite happy to help me tug them out of the paper. He seemed a little overwhelmed by it all! His favorite gift was a sea grass basket. He promptly scurried into his house with it to munch on it in private. He ran out of his cage on the ramp this morning as soon as we put it there. He was eager to run around the pen in circles. What a cheerful little guy!

Bella had so much fun with her wrapping paper. She got underneath and started hopping away with it. Charlie went into stalking mode as he watched the wrapping paper hopping across the room! They both seemed pretty pleased with their gifts, especially the big hay tunnel. This morning, Charlie was waiting for me to get up. He ran over to me right away and kept following me around. He wanted his presents! I couldn’t make him wait any longer so I let Bella and him have their stocking treats before anyone else in the house. Bella tried to eat the glue on the stocking before she realized there were yummier options!

Merry Christmas!

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Benita and Uriel

We Honor All Guest Requests

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My dad made a ramp for Jeffrey and he loves hopping in and out of his cage on it. It took him a little while to understand what it was, but once he did, he was zipping over it all evening and this morning. He’s been munching on loads of hay, in and out of his cage. I’m so happy he’s having a good time. I didn’t know how to explain everything to him, I only speak rabbit, not guinea pig.

After spending the early evening with Empress Benita, I sat down with Uriel for awhile. He likes to run around me and sniff everything. He’s oh so curious. He liked my laptop. He even lay down up against it. Every time we go over to see Jeffrey, Uriel periscopes up. He so wants to see what’s over there. I’m afraid he’d frighten Jeffrey though. He’s a very frisky boy!

Benita likes to sleep in the middle of the living room, right where she can see everyone coming and going. She keeps such a regal posture, there’s no question who’s the boss there. I made the mistake of going to see Uriel first this morning, and boy was she mad! When I came into to pet her, she ran over to me and promptly turned around and gave me the bunny butt. Fortunately, she doesn’t hold a grudge for very long and let me pet her after I’d apologized.


Christmas Visitors Arrive!

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Last night our Christmas critters arrived! Benita brought along her little brother Uriel this year, and we have a special guinea pig guest.

Bella and Charlie had dinner and show last night. They ate their greens in the hall, looking down at Benita. Benita was quite at home. She loves jumping onto the couch, when I’m not on it of course, and watching her little brother’s antics. Every time I look at her, she’s sitting against the fence, looking at Uriel. She’s a very attentive babysitter. Uriel was running all oooover last night! He was deep in explorer mode and having a great time. He even crawled onto my lap. Aw!

I hope he doesn’t too much noise for his roommate, Jeffrey the guinea pig. Jeffrey has a pet dog at home though, so he’s probably used to noises. He didn’t seem bothered by anything so far, and even let me pet him a little. He made this cute little purring noise, what a sweetheart! He likes to come over to the door when I’m in the kitchen, just like all the buns we sit for do. Fortunately I didn’t have any trouble picking up and putting him back into his cage.

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