Christmas Visitors Arrive!

December 23, 2013 at 12:01 pm | Posted in bunny, guinea pig, long island, pet, rabbit, sitting | Leave a comment
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Last night our Christmas critters arrived! Benita brought along her little brother Uriel this year, and we have a special guinea pig guest.

Bella and Charlie had dinner and show last night. They ate their greens in the hall, looking down at Benita. Benita was quite at home. She loves jumping onto the couch, when I’m not on it of course, and watching her little brother’s antics. Every time I look at her, she’s sitting against the fence, looking at Uriel. She’s a very attentive babysitter. Uriel was running all oooover last night! He was deep in explorer mode and having a great time. He even crawled onto my lap. Aw!

I hope he doesn’t too much noise for his roommate, Jeffrey the guinea pig. Jeffrey has a pet dog at home though, so he’s probably used to noises. He didn’t seem bothered by anything so far, and even let me pet him a little. He made this cute little purring noise, what a sweetheart! He likes to come over to the door when I’m in the kitchen, just like all the buns we sit for do. Fortunately I didn’t have any trouble picking up and putting him back into his cage.


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