My Presents Are Delicious!

December 25, 2013 at 1:37 pm | Posted in bunny, guinea pig, long island, pet, rabbit, sitting | 2 Comments
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Everyone loved their Christmas presents. The buns and Jeffrey opened some last night, and then more from Santa this morning. Benita was watching all of the humans open their presents and ran over to me, eager to have some of her own. Boy was she good at ripping them open! Her favorite toy was a big willow ball. It took her a few minutes to understand that there were treats in her stocking when I put it down for her. I think she was expecting me to put down a bowl, so I pointed her nose in the right direction and the treats were promptly gobbled down.

Uriel didn’t seem to understand what was going on. It’s his first Christmas, after all. I brought him over his presents and had to start opening them up for him. Eventually he came over and played tug-of-war with the wrapping paper. Once he got one open, he started playing with the paper and ignoring the presents. Silly boy doesn’t understand! He tossed around the paper until I showed him the present was much better. Then he got the message. His favorite present was a willow cube.

Jeffrey has never had a Christmas either, so I helped him open his gifts too. He was quite happy to help me tug them out of the paper. He seemed a little overwhelmed by it all! His favorite gift was a sea grass basket. He promptly scurried into his house with it to munch on it in private. He ran out of his cage on the ramp this morning as soon as we put it there. He was eager to run around the pen in circles. What a cheerful little guy!

Bella had so much fun with her wrapping paper. She got underneath and started hopping away with it. Charlie went into stalking mode as he watched the wrapping paper hopping across the room! They both seemed pretty pleased with their gifts, especially the big hay tunnel. This morning, Charlie was waiting for me to get up. He ran over to me right away and kept following me around. He wanted his presents! I couldn’t make him wait any longer so I let Bella and him have their stocking treats before anyone else in the house. Bella tried to eat the glue on the stocking before she realized there were yummier options!



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  1. Heey! I am just in LOVE with your rabbits- but I always get so confused as to which one is yours :D. I nominated your blog the “Liebster award”! Hope you have the time to do it. Have fun and God bless!

    • Thank you! I know, too many bunnies… Mine are Charlie (white with black spots) & Bella (all white).

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