Is That Food? Are You Food? Where’s the Food!

December 30, 2013 at 1:53 pm | Posted in bunny, guinea pig, long island, pet, rabbit, sitting | Leave a comment
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After staying in her pen all night, Benita broke out this morning. I made the mistake of tying a piece of fence to the couch with string and, of course, she chewed right through it and pushed the fence aside. A few quick adjustments and she should be safely kept inside now. Sneaky bunny! On a good note, she ran over to Uriel’s fence and they just nosed each other. Aw!

Uriel’s been eating his pellets at lightening speed. When he’s done he periscopes up the fence and begs for more, so I gave him some of our pellets. This little guy is learning from his big sister!

Jeffrey’s been a hungry boy too. He’s eating his pellets and now, whenever I get food ready for everyone at night, he’s at the kitchen door, squeaky at me. “Feed me!” So, I have to give him his dinner in pieces while I it ready for the bunnies. All is usually well, but last night Uriel saw Jeffrey eating and got upset. “Why does HE get food now, and I have to wait!” *sigh* So now everyone gets a little snack while I prepare the bowls.


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