Big Bunny = Fussy Bunny?

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Every so often, Bella lets my dad pet her. Most recently he said he heard her making a clicking noise. She was purring for him! Aw! Makes up for all the times she tried to “attack” him.

This week we clipped Bella’s front nails. We wanted to wait until her paw had healed a bit more and she’s certainly doing better now. She’s got her crazy energy back, digging in the litter box every morning and just about everywhere else she can think of. She had absolutely no trouble giving us a giant temper tantrum when we clipped her. She pops and squirms before I can even get the clippers near her! I almost had to get my brother to help. You shouldn’t need 3 people to clip one bunny’s front nails!

We also cleaned up Charlie’s butt a little. He was much better behaved than Bella. It takes longer to catch him, but once we’re holding him and he can see what I’m doing, he relaxes. He’s smart enough to understand what I’m doing, and that I’m not trying to hurt him. Why can’t he teach that to Bella? I can clip his front nails all alone. It gets easier each time with him, but progressively worse with her. So much for bigger buns being calmer.

Journey to the Center of Brother’s Room

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Charlie is enjoying the new hay tube he received for Christmas. He normally doesn’t like poking his head into dark spaces, but a little alfalfa hay is all the incentive he needs.

Ordinarily, the buns don’t spend any time in my brother’s room, but when they do make the occasional visit, they’re both very excited about it. Last night Bella ventured in there and on her way out, proceeded to binky and run around in small circles about a dozen times. I’ve never seen her that excited about his room before! It was adorable and she seemed so happy. Charlie was, of course, watching from the hall. In addition to her latest digging antics in the litter box, her “cave” at the foot of my bed, and in the closet, I’d say her paw seems to be in pretty good shape.

Wrap Up The Buns to Go

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It’s coooold outside! I tried to put Uriel’s blanket around him, but as you can see, he was not really having it. It took my Charlie awhile as well before he understood what I was trying to do when I put a blanket on him. Benita and Uriel are going home today. *sniffle* They’re such sweet buns, I hate to see them go, but I know their mommy misses them! I’m going to miss her begging for petting and Uriel climbing all over me. Hopefully they’ll want to go home, not every bun does. I don’t blame them for not wanting to go out in the cold snow though, even if only for a few moments to and from the car. Benita might like the snow though. She’s so playful, she would probably try to eat it.

Rabbit! Rabbit! For the New Year!

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Uriel and Benita will be going home soon, and we’ll be down to just our Charlie and Bella for awhile. Rabbits are lucky on the first of the month, especially first of the year. That must make our house very lucky! I realized that we’ve had extra rabbits in the house for every major holiday for the past year. At least I always know what my plans will be! Benita has been the most frequent visitor of all, and now her littler brother adds to the fun! When I look at him, he reminds of a small Charlie. They’re both very curious and adorable. He doesn’t sit still like Charlie though. I have had a tough time getting pictures of him where he wasn’t blurry. Benita is easier to photograph. She seems to pose for it. Of course, a lot of my shots are of her passed out on the floor, but since she does that most of the day, that’s bound to show up a lot.

Hoppy New Year!

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