Four Buns, One Floor

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Benita and Uriel have arrived and the dessert brothers have new roomies! Everybun was curious about the others, but eventually they all settled into their own routine. For Hershey and Butterscotch that means snuggling under the dining room table and for Benita and Uriel, it’s trying to find ways to escape their pens.

Uriel has gotten a bit bigger than he was at Christmas. He’s jumping up all over the couch now. I had to put extra barriers there at night to keep him from jumping over.

Their first day here, Hershey & Butterscotch didn’t want to use their litter box at all. I kept moving it to wherever they were pooping, but they still did not want to use it. The second day, after awaking to a few more stains, we tried one of our boxes with the side cut down. Voila! Those two are in and out of that box all day long now.

It’s funny how particular rabbits can be about their litter habits. Perhaps our box smelled like other rabbits and that enticed them. Maybe they like ours better because it’s bigger than theirs. Whatever their reasons, Hershey & Butterscotch are now using a litter box—albeit not their own!

Don’t Touch Anything in “My” Area

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I was cleaning up a few pellets that were knocked out of the boys’ dish and Hershey started grunting at me. Like my buns, he’s got a little motor inside!

Hershey tried to mount Butterscotch a couple of times in the evening last night. Butterscotch snuggled down and let him, but I nudged him off after a few seconds. I wonder if he’s doing it because he smells other bunnies in the house. Anyway, they both let me pet them while I calmed them down a little. They’ve let me pet them a few times since. Hershey is more inclined than Butterscotch, but Butters is more outgoing and wants to nudge me.

The boys will be getting some roommates later today. I hope they don’t mind the extra company! There will be another girl bun in the house. The boys already liked smelling my Bella on my hands, so we’ll see what they think of Benita!

Return of the Dessert Bros.

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Those sweet boys, Hershey and Butterscotch are back!

Both boys had sooo much fun yesterday. They spent the day running around the dining room, chewing on everything, and binkying every five minutes. There was so much noise on the floor I kept thinking a human was in the kitchen!

Hershey makes the most adorable noises when he drinks. He had gotten a butt bath earlier in the day, but his bottom was pretty dry by the evening. He expended so much energy scampering about the room, I doubt his body temperature would have had a chance to drop very much. Each boy let me pet his head a little bit before rearing back, “I don’t know you!” Butterscotch liked to nudge my jeans as he pranced around the room.

Both boys were good for their first night here. My own buns, were a bit raucous. Bella was digging in the litter box in my parents’ room and got “kicked out” at 1am. Is someone acting out for attention??

Tag Team Bunny Trouble

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Bella has really been digging in her “cave” lately. We did a room clean yesterday and I pulled enough pieces of ripped cardboard out to fill an entire trash bag. She even gets little pieces of cardboard stuck on her whiskers. As she approaches 6, she shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Just don’t pull anything important, girl!

On a slightly less positive note, Charlie has almost completely stopped using the litter boxes. He still uses the pads outside of the box, he just seems to think they are his new box, and the boxes are just plates full of hay. I tried to put his food in the box, to entice him. He just ran over to me, looked up, and then lay down. He will NOT go in there. It’s not for lack of mobility, he still runs and hops all over the house, he just got it into his head that he doesn’t want to go in the box. I would try a pan without a front ledge, but our little resident digger would spew the contents across the room. Bunnies makin trouble for each other!

Expedition into the Kitchen

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I let Glenda into the kitchen while I was cleaning bunny greens yesterday and she had a blast. She scurries around and then slams on the brakes by pushing her front paws forward. She loved running around in circles and hiding behind the TV cart. My Charlie came out in the hall to see what the commotion was, and I think he was concerned she was going to come upstairs. “Not on my turf!” After a couple of hours she tuckered herself out and went back into her pen for a nap. Self-returning rabbits are the best. Glenda is going home tonight, so Charlie and Bella won’t have anyone to stare down at for a while.

Snuggliest of Bunnies

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I gave Glenda the box that Billy and Princess had been playing with. It’s a favorite at Kamp Kronenberg. They love to chew on it, in it, and sniff all the other buns who’ve been at it during its busy tenure. I spent the majority of yesterday evening with one hand on a mouse and one on a rabbit. Glenda doesn’t seem to ever have had “enough” petting. Fortunately, she’s happy with whatever rubs I give her.

Easy Goin Bunny

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We took Princess and Billy home last night and fortunately Glenda doesn’t seem too lonely. She did look for them a bit at the fence, but is back to her usual routine of sleeping all day under her box and begging for pets in the evening. She’s very easy going, perhaps the most mellow bun I’ve ever met. She didn’t even fuss or thump when we vacuumed the dining room this morning. What a sweetie!

Trio of Happy Hoppers

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I heard Princess honk while she was grooming herself last night. I’ve only ever heard my Charlie do that. She spent most of the night tossing and chewing on a basket. It’s in shreds now. Glad she enjoyed it!

Glenda accidentally jumped out of her pen when I opened the gate and went over to sniff Billy. They were both very sweet and curious. Princess just flopped down to sleep, but later did come over to sniff the little girl. I bet they miss Nutmeg. I hope she comes home from the vet soon, poor girl!

Billy and Princess are going home tonight, so Glenda will have to get used to being an only-bun again. I wonder if Glenda would like a bunny friend? She’s certainly interested in them! She’s so sweet and perky, a joy to have around. She even makes little squeaking noises whilst drinking. How cute!

No! Pet ME!

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We received another bunny visitor yesterday: Glenda the sweet little lop! She’s been extremely curious about Billy and Princess. She spends a lot of time by the fence, when she isn’t running around and showing off for them. She even jumped up on the coffee table after we put them “to bed.”She demands just as much attention as Billy so I have to divide my time evenly between them or bunnies get fussy!

Billy is mighty interested in her too. His little fluffy ears are standing up and his nose is wiggling as he watches her dance around the living room. Princess—not so much. My Bella is like that with other girl bunnies too. Princess even tried to mount Billy to let Glenda know that Billy is HER man.

Charlie and Bella came out in the hall to see the new bun downstairs. I don’t know if Glenda could see them, but she certainly made them sniff around upstairs for a while.

Over-the-Hill Bunnies

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Billy and Princess are two very well-behaved buns. Perhaps it’s because they’re on the older side. I’ve had quite a few babies, and they can certainly be a handful, but are such a joy to play with. Older buns have their perks too though. I don’t have to worry about them attacking or escaping and they’re more than obliging to sit down for petting. I guess an older bun is more my speed. Plus, you get to feed them more the older they get. I’m sure my Charlie can’t wait until he gets that old. He’ll probably spend most of his time eating—as opposed to the third of his time now, between sleeping and pooping. Although, he’s still eating hay in the litter box anyway. Wish I had their metabolisms!

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