Queen Clover Reclaims “Her” Kingdom

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”


I tried petting the boys for a little while last night, but they were not really interested. They’d rather snuggle with each other than with me. I understand! Clover is happy about that; more time for her! She sticks her nose up higher than any other rabbit I’ve ever petted. She’s not being snooty, she just loves snuggling. We’re sad to see Rusty go home, but he will return this summer. Clover did calm down after he left. We took down some cardboard barriers so she can see the living room again. Last night she even got to see my Charlie!

Raining Cats & Rabbits

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“Butterscotch & Clover”

Rusty was doing runs around me yesterday. He’s such a little cutie. First he made sure there was enough room on all side of me, and then he went nuts at warp speed. He’s also learned that his gate is the way out of the pen and proceeds to chew on it in an attempt to escape. He’s never done it, but he’s a smart boy for figuring that out!

Hershey and Butterscotch are huge fans of running around our kitchen now, which they do whenever we open the door. Yesterday Butters got bold enough to venture out past the table area. He would go a little further, and then run back to the door. He repeated this several times until he finally got all the way to the other side of the kitchen. So now I have to put a barrier on the other kitchen door so he can’t run into the living room, but he sure has a good time running around. Hershey doesn’t go away from the table, but tries to stay with him whenever he can. “Brothers stick together!”

Last night there was a bit of a rain storm and the buns downstairs were not happy about it. There was only one thunderclap, but it was raining hard up against the side of the house. Of course this prompted one of the rabbits to thump, which then set off a cascade of thumps. This was at 12:30am and I had to go down to figure out what was happening. Fortunately, everyone calmed down and didn’t fuss any more.

Two nights ago Bella was playing with my right closet door. She kept trying to push it shut. It has a magnetic seal and doesn’t stay shut unless it clicks in hard, so Bella was pushing on it over and over until she eventually gave up. I don’t know why she was trying to close the door, but then last night she wanted to close the left closet door. That one closes easier. I hope my little bunny isn’t getting OCD on me.

Itsy Bitsy Bunny Snuggles

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Rusty is quite the snuggle bunny. I spent a couple of hours in his pen petting him yesterday. Now he’s acting like Clover and begging for it when I pass by his pen. He danced around me for a while and later did bunny runs around his pen. I have to be careful though, if he managed to sneak out of his pen, I don’t think I’d be able to catch him. Little guys are wily! He’s been eating all of the greens I’ve given him. He doesn’t seem to care if it’s cilantro, parsley, dandelion, kale or red leaf lettuce. He’s almost gotten used the Clover’s antics, which she did tone down a bit yesterday. We blocked more of her view which seems to calm her.

Bella didn’t want to come home at bedtime last night. She was too busy looking down at the new bunny. I wonder what Rusty made of the big white bunnies upstairs. We attempted to clip her nails this morning. We got 3 of 4 paws done, but it took 3 people to do it. We’re going to have to get Bella used to us touching her paws. She freaks out before I even bring over the clippers. “No! Not that! Super run-away!”

Room For One More?

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Rusty arrived at our house this morning. He’s a cute little agouti rabbit looks like you might be wild if not for his absolutely endearing nature. He doesn’t seem to cut off by all of the bigger bunnies in the house. He’s very curious and very friendly.

Clover has been bouncing off the walls all day. Ever since Rusty arrived clover has been biting the fence and even escaped from her pen twice. The only time when she is calm, is when I’m in her pen, petting her. “I want all your attention, and I don’t want to share!”

We recently put a small rug at the entrance to the kitchen from the dining room and it’s exactly what Hershey needed to get into the kitchen. Now he hops around in there even more than Butterscotch. I used to be able to leave the door open, but now I can’t if no ones in the kitchen. I’m glad Hershey finally got to explore the room he’s been looking at forlornly for so long.

Temporary New Ruler

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The buns are getting another roommate today. Clover is already biting at the fence eagerly between naps. She boxed my mom today, so I think covers everyone. Now that she’s put us humans in our place she can run the house how she wants. Girls seem to be that way. My Bella is very territorial and bossy. In the bonded pairs I’ve seen, the female usually wears the furry pants in the relationship. The poor sweet boys just have to please their ladies.

Speaking of sweet boys, here’s a GIF of Butterscotch doing what he loves best: digging and messing up the blankets just after I’ve fixed them.


Outsmarting the Un-outsmartable

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When I pet Clover, she’s such a sweetie. I finally got her to purr last night. She’s not so happy when I have to stop though. Needy bunny! I caught her chewing on the edge of the carpet this morning and ran downstairs to stop her. “How did she know I was doing that?” Answer: webcam. Bunnies will never be naughtier than when they think no one is watching, so us humans have to learn to outsmart them with technology. Our simple brains are nowhere near a match for theirs.

Whenever I move to the other buns’ pen, the bun I’m leaving proceeds to attack the fence. I don’t know if the buns are jealous of the attention they’re losing, or just want to get to each other. Butterscotch has been sleeping in the entrance of the dining room, closer to Clover, but Hershey is still over by the convector, soaking in the heat. All us bunnies could do with a little warmer weather!


Second Story Rabbits

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Butterscotch frequently jumps on top of my chair in the dining room to see what’s going on in the world, even more so since Clover has been here. Clover likes to sit on top of one of the boxes in her pen while I pet her. It’s adorable. She doesn’t really purr, but she does sit there for as long as I’m willing to pet her.

Not to be forgotten, (even though I spend the majority of my time with Bella and Charlie, albeit most of it is while I’m asleep) Charlie got my attention. He didn’t run for his pellets and when I went to bed he still hadn’t eaten any. After refusing some alfalfa, raisins, and papaya candy I got worried. I set my alarm for an hour and tried to go to sleep, but saw Charlie start to eat some of the hay. When my alarm went off he was hoping around and eating pellets. Phew! I need Charlie feeling good so he can help me run the house.

Preventing a Jail Break

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Yesterday my mom heard what sounded like a puppy yipping but it turned out to be Clover! She is certainly a noisy girl. We had to put bricks outside her pen to keep her from pushing it. That only works so long as she doesn’t lift it up over the bricks, which she is also apparently capable of doing. What a strong little jaw she has. We had a couple nice long snuggles in the evening. Her head fits in my palm much better than she was a little baby bun. I tried giving her a carrot yesterday and grapes today, but Clover is just not interested. At least she likes my homemade bunny treats. Hershey and Butterscotch are both more active. Hershey did runs in the afternoon and Butterscotch was binkying all over the room.

Add Clover to the Mix

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Here are the dessert brothers in their latest high speed video. Both boys were very excited to meet clover when she arrived today. She’s staying for two weeks and has already made herself at home. The boys got a little riled up and started chasing one another when clover came over to the fence, but I put a stop to that. Clover even thumped twice as a result. She’s gotten so much bigger from the last time I saw her. She really grew into her big ears. Her first night with us went well. She didn’t escape, but did push her pen out to the limits. Butterscotch was up on his chair to see what she was doing. I think they’re more interested in her than she is in them, naturally.

Keep the Volume Thumpin

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All four buns in our house are happy. They’ll soon be joined by a number of buns arriving for Spring Break. I hope Butterscotch and Hershey will be kind to their new roommates, and not make too much noise. They already enjoy a number of loud activities including, but not limited to pulling on the fence, biting furniture, chewing cardboard and clanking dishes. Nothing out of the ordinary for bunnies.

I’m trying yet another method to improve Charlie’s litter box habits. I moved one of the boxes to the other end of the room and so far Charlie seems encouraging. He’s been in that box 3 times today already. Finger and toes crossed that this works out better than the lest 5 ideas!

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