Raining Cats & Rabbits

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“Butterscotch & Clover”

Rusty was doing runs around me yesterday. He’s such a little cutie. First he made sure there was enough room on all side of me, and then he went nuts at warp speed. He’s also learned that his gate is the way out of the pen and proceeds to chew on it in an attempt to escape. He’s never done it, but he’s a smart boy for figuring that out!

Hershey and Butterscotch are huge fans of running around our kitchen now, which they do whenever we open the door. Yesterday Butters got bold enough to venture out past the table area. He would go a little further, and then run back to the door. He repeated this several times until he finally got all the way to the other side of the kitchen. So now I have to put a barrier on the other kitchen door so he can’t run into the living room, but he sure has a good time running around. Hershey doesn’t go away from the table, but tries to stay with him whenever he can. “Brothers stick together!”

Last night there was a bit of a rain storm and the buns downstairs were not happy about it. There was only one thunderclap, but it was raining hard up against the side of the house. Of course this prompted one of the rabbits to thump, which then set off a cascade of thumps. This was at 12:30am and I had to go down to figure out what was happening. Fortunately, everyone calmed down and didn’t fuss any more.

Two nights ago Bella was playing with my right closet door. She kept trying to push it shut. It has a magnetic seal and doesn’t stay shut unless it clicks in hard, so Bella was pushing on it over and over until she eventually gave up. I don’t know why she was trying to close the door, but then last night she wanted to close the left closet door. That one closes easier. I hope my little bunny isn’t getting OCD on me.


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