Two + Two + Five = Bunny Heaven

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I was so happy to see the Nagao bunnies again! It’s been 2 years since Oscar, Sophie, Chloe, Wes & Natalie have been to Kamp Kronenberg. Hershey was curious about them, but Butters thumped. Hershey did binkys after seeing them for the first time. Later Butterscotch hopped up onto my chair to see everyone.

Sophie is still fiesty. That little white bun is the boss of her sister Chloe and BIG brother Oscar. She occasionally boxes Chloe and growls whenever someone comes into “her” box that she’s sleeping in. Oscar snuggled in and let me pet him, but no one else was willing to calm down enough for petting. Sophie did let me groom a knot out of her fur though.

So far I’ve seen more of Wes and Natalie than last time. Wes was very shy initially but later curious and even did binkys and little thumps while exploring. Oscar did some binkys later too. Eventually Wes started getting a little too fiesty with all of the girls coming to the fence, so I put some cardboard between them.


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