Half-Lionheads Times 2

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Sadie arrived yesterday and Hershey was very excited to meet her. “Someone smaller than me!” He sat up and showed her his white tummy. Butterscotch was a little less friendly. He was sleeping when she arrived and when he woke up he was a little frightened to see a new bunny in the living room. They later made friends, although I think Hershey likes her best.

Then Fulton came later in the day and Sadie was doing binkys and runs all over her pen. She was either very happy to meet Fulton or miffed that she wasn’t the center of attention. Fulton was periscoping over his cardboard between his and Sadie’s pen, so I took some away for a bit so the two could meet. Sadie was transfixed and the two went nose to nose and were so cute. Fulton thumped a couple of times but kept going in circles back to Sadie.

Fulton noshed on his food throughout the day. I’m so not used to that. Most buns I know will devour all of their food once the plate goes down, but he seems to pace himself. That’s how I like to eat. He let me pet him last night and he purred right away. Aw! And we just met! I caught them doing runs together on the webcam before I went to bed last night.


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