Single/Rabbit/Female Seeking Single/Rabbit/Male

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Fulton has only eaten about half of his food. He’s probably stressed from being away from home, buns often are the first time they’re here. He may also be distracted by the vivacious Sadie. I think she’s a little more interested in him than he is in her, but he does keep sniffing her, and there’s been no aggression. Maybe they each want a bunny friend at home? I took a little video of their interactions.

Little Sadie sure kept busy yesterday. She snuck out of her pen as I came in, ripped up cardboard in all of the cornets, and got at the plastic under the carpet. I told Fulton that not all girls are that high maintenance (just most of us!). Girls are always more of a handful. Of the 6 rabbits in the house, the two girls are the ones who get into the most trouble.

The one thing that Fulton is gobbling down more than anything else is some Oxbow Veggie treats I bought for my buns last Christmas. They’re too hard for Charlie to chew so I have to break them up for him so I don’t give them often. I broke some up for Fulton and he loved them!


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