Basketfull of Easter Bunnies

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“Charlie & Bella”




We had two arrivals yesterday that pushed our capacity limits at Kamp Kronenberg. We had to to put a rug in the kitchen for Empress Benita, and before she arrived we let Butterscotch and Hershey run around on it. They absolutely loved it! They were now able to run all around the kitchen, without fear of slippery floor. They did runs and binkys, it was so adorable.

When Benita arrived though, she was not as happy. For some reason, being in the kitchen frightened her. We think she wasn’t used to all of the noises there, and did not like having more than one person with her in the kitchen at a time. Fortunately she was only in there for one night. She’s taking Fulton’s spot in the living room, next to her brother Uriel. She did calm down a bit when I was cleaning food and did a good job at following me around and lighting pawing at my legs begging for treats. “Please ma’am, can I have some more?”

Uriel made himself quite at home. We squeezed him in between Sadie and Fulton. He got to meet both of them, but got a little too fiesty. He scared Fulton away and almost got into a fight with Sadie. No more contact for you, little boy! He must have learned that from his big sister! He also did some loud runs yesterday.


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