Trust in Benita

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Bella was begging for pretzels last night and almost fell onto Charlie. He really shouldn’t put himself between Bella and food or he might get smooshed. Her birthday party is tomorrow! Her actual birthday is the 29th, but I’m going to be away then (I’m so sorry girl!!) so we’re having her party when all these other bunnies are here to attend. Cake and presents will be enjoyed!!

Benita has been a really good watch-bunny. She never tries to get out of her pen, even when I leave the gate open, and is the first to startle when a bunny starts making noise. She is the oldest downstairs right now, and the biggest, but possibly the sweetest. She doesn’t mind snuggling up against Uriel through their fence. He ALWAYS lies there. He’s definitely more interested in her than she in him. Why are relationships always so one-sided?

I let Sadie run around the living room yesterday to expend some excess energy. An hour later she didn’t show any signs of slowing down. I don’t know where she gets it all from! She’s terribly adorable though, and one of the few rabbits I can actually pick up. She doesn’t have much time for cuddles though!


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