So Long Little Guy!

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“Charlie & Bella”


My brother came in to hang out with Rusty last night and Rusty was all over him. He jumped right up on top of him like he was just part of the couch. He was also eating Oreos and Rusty decided that he wanted one. If my brother hadn’t popped the entire cookie into his mouth, Rusty would have gotten it. Rusty went home this morning so our house will be a quad-bunny home for a couple of weeks now. I can turn my full attention to my buns and our fosters. Lady Bella is always happy about that. She’s not a fan of the visitors, especially when they take away her petting-slave.

Hoppy Memorial Day!

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Little Rusty is all tuckered out from his little marathon run yesterday. He circles the coffee table, goes up onto the couch, and whizzes past me. Today he’s also experimenting with couch-climbing. Rusty exercises so much that he’s making me tired just watching. As long as he doesn’t go for high-jumps over the fence, I’m good.

The weather is heating up here again so that means the “hare” conditioner goes on. Every time the compressor kicks in, the rabbits are rattled, but I think they’re willing to put up with a momentary startle to stay cool. I’m also adding ice cubes to their water bowls. Of course, my own Charlie and Bella like to leave my air-conditioned room for my parents’ hot room in the evening. That I can’t make sense of.

“Entertaining” Rusty

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

After I came home yesterday, I fixed up Rusty’s pen so he could have couch access again. He was NOT happy when he discovered that I had plugged up his escape hole, but outsmarting a rabbit is not an easy task.

Example: While I was setting up cardboard, I accidentally stepped into Rusty’s litter box and emptied the contents onto the floor. Fortunately it was mostly clean so I just vacuumed up the litter mess, but I had to wash his water bowl as the litter made its way in there too.

Rusty didn’t seem to mind. He thumped once when it happened but then he just watched me clean up, probably laughing at the “stupid human” the entire time. I get a lot of that.

Rusty-Fueled Fun

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Rusty is such a cute little guy. He runs all over the living room whenever someone comes in and doesn’t stop hopping around until after they leave. If I didn’t have the webcam, I’d think he never sat down.

I was out for most of the morning today and Rusty took that opportunity to escape from his pen. Luckily my brother was home and managed to get him back into his pen. No damage was done (to him or anything else) but he lost couch privileges when he’s alone in the room. Sneaky little guy! They always figure out a way to get out, no matter how much you plan.

Miniature Rabbit Amusement

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Rusty made himself quite at home yesterday. He was all over the couch, running across my lap and binkying on the floor. I took the cushions off at bedtime so he didn’t try to mount an escape, and he waiting at the fence in the morning for his breakfast. He really snuggles in for a petting. He’s so small I can fit my hand over the entire front half of his body. My Bella looks huge compared to him!

When Hershey came in the kitchen yesterday, he went all the way to fridge before stopping, looking at me, and then turning around. I think he wanted to go all the way to Rusty, but knew I would stop him. Sneaky little guy.

Charlie came into the hall at feeding time and Rusty ran over to the fence to see him. Even Bella came out and looked down at Rusty a little. I think Charlie was more interested in getting fed than seeing Rusty though. He tends to have a one-track mind…

Rusty Returns

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Rusty arrived this morning, and it didn’t take very long for him to start exploring. As soon as his parents were out the door, he was running around, sniffing everything. Hershey & Butterscotch were very curious, as usual, and they had a good time staring at each other. Even Charlie came out in the hall upstairs to say hello.

Couch Lagomorphs

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We’ve been letting Hershey and Butters run around the living room in the evening. It’s good exercise for them, and entertaining for us to watch. Hershey even learned to go through the kitchen and around in a circle. After watching Butter s jump up onto the couch, Hershey slowly followed. No he can jump straight up from the floor like a pro! When they tired, Butters likes to sit on the couch, and Hershey likes to lay under it. At one point I was on the couch and Butterscotch jumped up right into my lap. Hello!

Last night we clipped Hershey’s nails. He was a little less agreeable than last time, but still better than our Bella! I was a little nervous as his nails are dark and I can’t see the quick, so I didn’t clip them very short. If he flinched I stopped. Some rabbits flinch just because I’m touching their nail, so I don’t know that I was close to clipping too short. He enjoyed many raisins (piggy!) and, of course, took a bath after.

Adopt Hershey and Butterscotch

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I’ve mentioned it before, but here’s the official info about adopting my foster buns:

Adopt Us Banner

Hershey(M) and Butterscotch(M) are just as sweet as their names imply. Hershey is a 3-year-old ultra-soft chocolate-colored Mini Rex, and Butterscotch is a 2-year-old orange and black mix. Both boys are a little shy at first but extremely curious. Once they get comfortable they love petting and cuddling. Both boys are neutered, have great litter habits, and are utterly inseparable. The dessert brothers are looking for a forever home that has plenty of room for them to practice their favorite pastime: running. They must be housed in a large pen with soft blankets for Hershey’s sensitive feet. Both boys must be adopted together and a visit to your home is required. Get in touch to set up a meeting with the boys!









My Personal Snuggle Bunnies

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While there’s a lull in the bunny-sitting, I get to spend some quality time with my babies: Charlie and Bella. My room was just cleaned, so I don’t mind lying on the floor for a snuggle. That probably isn’t going to last very long, so I’ve gotta make the most of it while I can.

I think Charlie has finally learned that the noises my phone makes are alarms for mealtime. Now if I don’t get up right away to feed him, he stares at me as the music plays. How does this little guy keep getting smarter? I thought your brain got slower as you get older. Apparently that isn’t true for rabbits!

Just Keep Snuggling

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“Motely Chue”

Motley and I had some nice snuggles last night. I was exhausted from cleaning bunny green so I lay down next to her in the evening. She snored a bit and purred. I also spent time with the little boys. As per usual, they sniffed around me, and when they discovered I didn’t have any food, left me. They did eventually let me pet their heads a little. I forget how soft they are! Hershey’s extra-soft Rex exterior makes up for his occasionally bristly attitude.

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