Couch Lagomorphs

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We’ve been letting Hershey and Butters run around the living room in the evening. It’s good exercise for them, and entertaining for us to watch. Hershey even learned to go through the kitchen and around in a circle. After watching Butter s jump up onto the couch, Hershey slowly followed. No he can jump straight up from the floor like a pro! When they tired, Butters likes to sit on the couch, and Hershey likes to lay under it. At one point I was on the couch and Butterscotch jumped up right into my lap. Hello!

Last night we clipped Hershey’s nails. He was a little less agreeable than last time, but still better than our Bella! I was a little nervous as his nails are dark and I can’t see the quick, so I didn’t clip them very short. If he flinched I stopped. Some rabbits flinch just because I’m touching their nail, so I don’t know that I was close to clipping too short. He enjoyed many raisins (piggy!) and, of course, took a bath after.


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