Bunnies at the Salon

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“Bella & Charlie”

​I clipped Charlie’s nails yesterday. He’s such a good boy about it. Of course, he wasn’t happy about it, but he let me do it, with raisin incentives. I wish all buns were as easy to clip as him. Bella occasionally pulls the puppy pads out from under the litter box, and by that I mean once a day. One morning she did it while I was sleeping and pulled the whole pad through her cardboard tube. I couldn’t find it when I got up initially and then couldn’t believe she did that without waking me up.

Butterscotch has finally figured out that he can get to the living room if he runs through the kitchen. Now he bolts through when we open the door, so we have to barricade the other kitchen entrance. He’s so fast, he’s snuck by us several times already. Can’t outrun a bunny, have to outsmart them. Also not easy.

Hershey got a grooming this afternoon. I have to keep rolling him with sticky pads every week when he starts to get too fluffy. He doesn’t let me pluck like I do with Butterscotch and my buns, and the comb doesn’t work on his rex fur. He’s never happy with me after grooming.Both Hershey and Butterscotch’s weights are around 5 lbs now. Butters a little over and Hershey a little under. I’d like to get Hershey closer to 4 lbs eventually, but it’s not easy keeping a bunny on a diet.



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