Flopping Beauty

June 17, 2014 at 1:37 pm | Posted in bunny, long island, pet, rabbit, sitting | 1 Comment
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Chase has spent most of her time here so far sleeping. She closes her eyes and its so adorable. She likes to flop against the fence where she has a good view of the boys. She seems like she really want to see them, but I’m afraid to let her closer in case Hershey gets nasty. He tends to do that with foreign bunnies. She’s also a little feisty. If I attempt to pick up a bowl without her consent she grunts at me. I’m used to from my bunnies though, so it’s par for the course for me.

I had been a little concerned about some chalky pee my Charlie was leaving on the floor, but our vet said that its normal for bunnies to do that once or twice a day. Good thing too because he would not have liked the treatment process. In case he’s getting too much calcium, I swapped more dandelion for the kale that he eats. Hopefully, he won’t notice.



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  1. That’s pretty much Chase. Don’t mess with her food. My husband is sometimes nervous to put pellets in her bowl. She looks like she will attack his hand, but I think she is just passionate about her eats and wants him to hurry up with the process. Love the picture. I imagine the caption for it being ” I’m large and in charge. Don’t you forget it”

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