Clip, Crackle & Chase

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Two nights ago at around 12:30, there were several gunshots or fireworks that went off. I went around the house, checking on the all the buns, but they seemed okay. Never found out what it was though.

I had a nice long petting session with Chase at my feet last night. We made some adjustments to her pen as we had to make room for Rusty. She was very curious about that, and of course was very excited when he arrived this morning. I’ve let them see each other a little bit, and they seem mostly friendly. I don’t think they’ll have any trouble being good roommates.

Before Rusty arrived this morning we clipped Hershey’s nails. He is not happy when we do that. His nails are dark so I’m always a little more cautious not to clip them too short. He, however is afraid of ANY clipping, and fusses at almost every nail. I’m going to have to do his twice as often as I normally would. I always have the Kwik Stop ready, but I’ve never actually gotten blood.


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