Greetings From Force of Nature, Sadie

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“CJ & Sadie”

Yesterday my dad was replacing a light fixture in the bathroom and Bella and Charlie of course had to come over and help him. Well, not so much help as supervise. Nothing happens on their turf they they don’t know about.

Little Sadie returned to Kamp Kronenberg yesterday, and was very excited to meet her new roommate. Every time CJ came over to the fence, Sadie would dash over and stick her nose through. She was dancing and binkying all evening.

When he’s not checking out Sadie or Butterscotch and Hershey, CJ’s new favorite place to sleep in a a corner litter box we put in his pen. Now he can relax in the comfort of a litter box and keep an eye on all the other bunnies.

This morning we woke up to a surprise though, as Sadie had managed to bust out of her pen. She pulled the rod between fence pieces up and squeezed out. And here I was so careful about preventing her from jumping out! All the boys were a little upset that she was running around freely, but everyone went back to sleep after I scooped Sadie up and put her back in her pen. We’ve had to put all the nuts back on the rods so she’ll have to find another way to escape now!


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