Hudson Gains Another Male Admirer

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Sherman bunny arrived this morning for his first visit with us. It’s a long one, so I hope he feels comfortable here. He already settled down under everybunny’s favorite end table, and took some time to go the fence and check out Butterscotch and Hershey. I’m not sure if he’s seen Hudson, but buns are generally more interested in the opposite sex, so he’ll probably be happy to see her. Her vision isn’t great, but he’s got such a beautiful colored coat I don’t think she’ll have trouble seeing him. I’ll remove the cardboard barrier this evening and let them each get a look through their acrylic “windows”.

Hudson’s gait is like a horse galloping. I never get tired of seeing her hop around. She seems to spend most of the day sleeping, and the evening and nighttime springing into action, like most rabbits. I got to pet her this morning for a bit. She’s more receptive if she lying down, as with my own Charlie, and I actually got her to purr a little! Her stay isn’t even a third over yet, so maybe we’ll be able to get some nice snuggling in before she goes home.


Listening for a Signal

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Hudson eats greens differently than any other rabbit I’ve seen. She sits up tall and tries to get the food to fall into mouth via gravity. Most bunnies stuck their nose to ground and just munch. She looks like she could use a hand to help guide the greens.

Hudson has helicopter ears, that never seem to stop rotating. They’re almost like two satellite dishes that are constantly looking for a signal. I guess that’s really what they’re doing, except that their looking for a sound. The best way to tell if she’s asleep is if her ears are still.

I saw her dead-bunny-flop for the first time this morning. She was sniffing the ground and then over she went! Little stretching of the the legs and, perfect pose! I don’t usually see rabbits her size flopping, so I guess she must be pretty comfy!

Rabbit Run Around

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“Hudson, Hershey & Butterscotch”



Hudson certainly seems happy here. Butters started thumping again last night for an unknown reason, but it didn’t seem to bother Hudson. She seems to spend the evenings doing her runs. She and Hershey spent awhile talking to each other at the fence. I know he loves talking to girls.

I’ve been separating Butterscotch and Hershey to eat pellets for a few days now and it seems to be going well. Hershey is only eating his share and I can give Butters a little more. Now we’ll have to see if it makes a weight difference.

White N’ Fluffy Friend

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Hudson likes to run in circles under the legs of the coffee table, making figure eights. It’s adorable. She got up to a pretty good clip last night, until she stops to nibble on something. She let me pet her a little yesterday, but wasn’t really into it. I’ll keep trying as long as she doesn’t slink away.

Last night after cleaning up Hop’s pen, I let Butterscotch and Hershey out to run around. Hershey spent a long time up against the fence where he could see Hudson and she was looking at him. I think they like each other! She even did some binkys later when the boys were running around. I’m glad they’re getting along so well; Hudson is going to be here for about 3 weeks.

We Have a Nice Selection of Pellets…

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Hop bunny left us yesterday, and just before his family arrived to pick him up, Hudson started thumping. I don’t know what set her off, but then Butters gave a sympathy thump and I tried to calm everyone down. Fortunately they had by the time Hop departed.

I’ve been trying to separate Hershey and Butterscotch when they eat their pellets, and so far it has been working out. I call one of them into the kitchen to eat and the other one stays in the dining room. They seem to finish around the same time, but today Butters didn’t want to go back into the dining room. He hopped onto the TV cart and stayed there for 5 minutes beforeĀ  I got him to go back.

Hudson doesn’t really seem to like her Sherwood pellets but loves her “candy” pellets. They smell just like fruit loops so I’m sure they’re tasty. I’m trying to get to eat the others as well, but she is eating all of her greens. Bunnies can be so fussy with their food!

Princess Hudson Arrives

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Hudson bunny arrived last night! She didn’t come out of her carrier until after her parents left, but once she did she hopped around her pen, sniffing and chinning things. She eventually settled down watching Butterscotch across the room. She ate all of her greens and about half of her pellets. She spent the night under the coffee table facing Hop’s pen and seems pretty comfortable. We did some vacuuming this morning and she didn’t mind that at all.

Hop is certainly interested in her. They were talking all evening and are still sitting where they can see each other. Butterscotch is, of course, at the end of his pen where he can see Hudson. I think he really likes her! Hop is going back home this afternoon, and I’m sure everyone will miss him. I know I will, that cute little guy is a sweetie. I hope he visits us again!

That’s Not a Monster Under Your Bed…

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

Last night I accidentally scared Hop. I was in his pen and a big sneeze came on. Ah-chew! Bunny run away!! I apologized and he recovered pretty quickly. I can’t help that I’m allergic to hay. Later in the day I let the boys run around in the extra pen and once they tuckered themselves out they flopped down. Hershey then rolled almost onto his back. His tummy was all exposed and his feet were sticking up, He sure knows how to do a good dead-bunny-flop!

When I came upstairs to feed my bunnies their snack after dinner, they were at the far side of the bed. I turned away and only Bella was there. I assumed Charlie had left, but seconds later Charlie emerged from underneath the bed. I don’t know how he fit in there! He just slithered out like a snake. I was trying to get Bella to come towards me, but n0w I know that she was waiting for Charlie to come out! He’s really good at appearing from nowhere.

Bella’s Annual Inspection

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We took our Bella Leche to the vet last night for her annual checkup. I was concerned that her weight was a little low, but the vet said she was fine. She also offered another explanation for why her right paw slides when she is sitting up: the pads might not be tracking correctly. She hops around fine, so it’s not really something to worry about. We just feel bad when her arm can’t get purchase on a blanket. The vet also suggested taking aloe everyday for our Charlie who is stasis prone. I hadn’t even heard of that but after some research it seems like it’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll take some too! I’ll grab a bottle from the store and see if Charlie’s willing to drink it. Might need some flavoring up first, but if it presents tummy trouble it’s worth it!

Bye Bye Binky-man

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Binky went home today, and he was very happy to see his pet humans! I think Hop will be a little sad to see him go, but he’ll get to meet Hudson on Friday before he leaves. I’ll certainly miss my little couch-mate, but I think Binky was glad to be going home. He might miss the couch though! We’ll let Butterscotch and Hershey in Binky’s pen after we clean it up today and I’m sure they’ll be excited to run around. Hershey still needs to lose a few more ounces. Maybe they’ll even go on the couch with me!(doubt it)

Thumps for Everyone!

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Last night Binky spent time on the couch with me, my brother, and my mom. He especially liked playing with my laptop. He likes to ping around the room like a pinball. He’s such an energetic little guy in the evening, but tends to sleep during the day, like Hop.

Later in the evening, Hershey and Butterscotch went through the kitchen and sat out in the hall for a bit. They usually do this when I’m getting food ready because they’re trying to get into the living room, but were particularly excited this time. I later realized it was because my Charlie and Bella bunny were at the top of the stairs looking down at them. I don’t know if all 4 have ever met like that before, although they’ve certainly been smelling one another!

For some unknown reason, there was another thumpfest at midnight. It lasted about an hour, on an off. At first I rushed downstairs to see if anything was wrong (nope) and then tried to calm down the thumpers (mostly Butters). After a few minutes I left and hoped that whatever started Butters (and others) would eventually stop mattering but I don’t know how long it went on for. I fed Butterscotch and Hershey at 1am so they probably calmed down after that. Full tummies make for sleepy (and quiet) bunnies. I just wish I knew why it takes Butters so long to calm down. I asked his brother Hershey, but he’s got no clue.

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