Meeting the Neighbors

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“Cinnabun & Butterscotch”

“Garth & Hershey”

I let Hershey and Butterscotch out of the dining room again last night, but this time I made little bunny window out of plexiglass so the bunnies could all see each other. It’s a little cloudy, but they can still see through. Hershey spent a lot of time greeting Cinnabun. They were even walking along the window, back and forth until they got to each end. It was so cute. Garth was mostly nonplussed, but made sure to tell Hershey not to get any ideas: Cinnabun is his lady.

For a couple of hours, the boys ran by the window and Cinnabun hopped around and binkyed in her pen before finally lying down next to the window. Buterscotch, the shyer boy, decided to lie down a couple of feet away from the window, so he could still see inside. Hershey was running laps by then and hopped over Butters every time he came around. At on point Butters and Hershey were up on the red couch, trying to look down at Cinnabun and Garth, and I noticed Cinabun up on the couch, and bounding back down after everyone had gone to bed later, on the webcam.


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