Bunnies by the Ounce

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I just ordered a new digital scale to weight the bunnies and it arrived yesterday.  I weighed all four of my rabbits: Butterscotch and Hershey are about the same as they’ve been, Charlie is fine, and Bella is under. She seems to have lost 7 oz in 3 months, so we’re scheduling a vet checkup, just to make sure nothing is wrong. She doesn’t dig into her food at mealtime like Charlie, and usually starts half an hour after it arrives. I’m worried Charlie is eating her share, so I want to rule out any health reasons for not eating.

Fulton has been all over the couch! He’s going home tonight and I’ll miss my couch buddy. He comes up to say hello and to ask for food. He actually ate most of his pellets yesterday. He’s getting comfy, too bad his stay is almost over. He was definitely more comfortable than his first stay, so future stays should be even easier for him.

Hop is almost like a different rabbit. He’s so energetic and peppy and eating all his pellets. We’re giving him 1/4 cup 3x a day to help him put on weight. He seems very happy, and he’s going to be getting a new roommate after Fulton leaves. New smells, yay!


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