Hudson Gains Another Male Admirer

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Sherman bunny arrived this morning for his first visit with us. It’s a long one, so I hope he feels comfortable here. He already settled down under everybunny’s favorite end table, and took some time to go the fence and check out Butterscotch and Hershey. I’m not sure if he’s seen Hudson, but buns are generally more interested in the opposite sex, so he’ll probably be happy to see her. Her vision isn’t great, but he’s got such a beautiful colored coat I don’t think she’ll have trouble seeing him. I’ll remove the cardboard barrier this evening and let them each get a look through their acrylic “windows”.

Hudson’s gait is like a horse galloping. I never get tired of seeing her hop around. She seems to spend most of the day sleeping, and the evening and nighttime springing into action, like most rabbits. I got to pet her this morning for a bit. She’s more receptive if she lying down, as with my own Charlie, and I actually got her to purr a little! Her stay isn’t even a third over yet, so maybe we’ll be able to get some nice snuggling in before she goes home.



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