Escapes and Upset Tummies

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

I tried to let Sherman come into the kitchen yesterday while I was cleaning bunny greens. I figure he must be unhappy being cooped up in his pen. He’s probably used to having more freedom at home, and he’s with us for almost 3 weeks. I opened his pen so he could come into the hall and even put down a piece of cardboard to walk on, but no dice. He did not like it and wouldn’t come out. I fully expected him to be running around the kitchen, trying to break into the dining room. Oh well.

Later in the evening though, Sherman broke out of his pen. I had gone upstairs for a moment and just clipped his gate shut with a black clip, not the gate lock, and apparently he figured out how to push past that. When I came back down not 5 minutes later, his little head was poking out into the hall. I ran in and saw his gate was wide open and he was heading for the other side of the living room. Hudson didn’t go near him,, (couldn’t care less) but I was worried that Hershey would fight him if he went close to their pen. He ran around the tiny area that is “no man’s land” in the living room for a minute before I corralled him back into his pen. Now if I could just put carpet down in kitchen, he’d run around in there instead!

This morning Butterscotch didn’t want to eat his pellets. He has gotten stasis in the past, so we were ready with the medication should the need arise. Fortunately, about 4o minutes later he was running around the room, checking out the laptop I was using to “spy” on him, and eating pellets. Phew! Crisis averted!


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