Upstairs, Downstairs: Bunny Edition

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“Bella & Charlie”

Bella Dreaming

“Bella” Sleeping

“Hershey & Butterscotch”

With a break in bunny sitting for a couple of weeks, the blog is more sporadic and more focused on my 2 bunnies upstairs, and 2 foster buns downstairs. My baby girl Bella hasn’t been eating with her usual gusto, and lost a few ounces this summer. We took her to the vet to see if something was up and we think there’s something pushing up her trachea that’s making it a little tougher to breath.

The vet said she saw her nostrils flaring a lot, but I didn’t really notice that. I’ve looking into quite a few bunny noses, but I don’t think I can tell if they’re flaring their nostrils a lot. She isn’t making noises while breathing, which I would notice, so that’s good. As an asthmatic myself, I know how it feels to have trouble breathing. She’s still running around and doing her digging in the litter box, and ripping up cardboard actives though, so she can’t be in too much distress.

She’s on an antibiotic and we’ll see if that helps. It’s cherry flavored for kids and loaded with sugar, so she LOVES it. She’s pulling the syringe out of my hand to get it all! I’m glad she’s so good about taking meds. I’m giving her food all throughout the day so she can eat a little at a time. I just have to keep her husbun Charlie from eating it all. The vet said to give her oats too, but only Charlie seems to like them. Maybe if I added water, I know I hate the dry stuff.

That’s upstairs, and now for downstairs bunnies. Foster bun Hershey is on a diet, so we have to sneak pellets to his little brother, Butterscotch. Usually we call him into the kitchen and close the accordion door behind him so his brother can’t come in. Their bunny gate is open though, so when Butters in done, he can let himself back into the dining room.

It’s pretty amazing. He grabs the edge of the door, which is mostly closed, with his mouth and tugs it over until he has enough room to jump back in. Hershey can’t open it from the inside because of the bunny gate, but I’m sure he could too if he tried! Bunnies are just so smart.

Occasionally if I let them run around the living room when no other bunnies are visiting, they’ll go through the kitchen and circle back to the dining room. If the door’s closed for air conditioning or heating, they just open it themselves. I have to remember to leave their gate open though or they’ll rattle it until I come over!



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