The King and His Rabbit Princesses

October 22, 2014 at 12:30 pm | Posted in bunny, long island, pet, rabbit, sitting | Leave a comment
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“Butterscotch & Annie”

“Kirby & Penny”

King Kirby and his two princesses arrived last night for a week long stay at Kamp Kronenberg. Annie celebrated by doing bunny runs on the couch last night. I’ve never seen a bunny do that before! She also quite enjoyed jumping up onto the coffee table and playing with a tissue box. I heard *thud thud* later in the evening and rushed down to see what was going on: Annie was tossing the tissue box on the table. That little girl sure knows how to take anything and turn it into a fun toy!

Penny and Kirby spent a good time snuggling up against the fence. Even Annie came over and lay down up against the fence near her big brother and sister. It was adorable! After some extreme ear grooming and a nudge war between Kirby and Penny, Penny let me pet her for a while. What a sweetie. This was also useful when I was trying to get Kirby to eat his pellets without Penny stealing them. I practice that trick on Hershey too. We made Kirby an annex pen when I’m not in there with him so he can eat his pellets and banana vitamin in peace. So far that’s been working out well, and Penny won’t go in there.

7 bunnies in my charge, peace of cake- right?



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