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“Penny & Kirby “

The annex stopped working yesterday because Penny discovered it, (she learns fast) so I’ve been giving Kirby his pellets throughout the evening when I’m in their pen. Whenever Kirby comes over to me, I put down his pellet bowl and vitamin, and then play interference with Penny by petting her until he’s had his fill for the moment. Then I repeat. Twice last night Penny started licking my leg a lot. I don’t know if she’s trying to butter me up to get some of Kirby’s pellets, or if she’s just saying thanks for petting her. Either way it’s very sweet. I hope my pants don’t taste too bad!

Annie didn’t manage to escape at all yesterday, yay! She’s still trying though. She’s learned that the fastest way to get across the pen isn’t running around the floor but rather jumping up onto the coffee table, running/sliding across, and then jumping down off the end. This little girl has no fear. She also likes to periscope while standing at the edge of the table. Doesn’t she know bunnies are fragile?? My brother spent some time with her yesterday but she wasn’t interested in petting, just running across his lap and trying to climb up his back. At least she’s providing entertainment for Butterscotch and Hershey!


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