Sunning and Stealing

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“Kirby & Penny”

The last couple of days it’s been very sunny and Kirby just loves snoozing the sunlight. He’s always so warm when I got pet him since his black coat soaks up all the rays. Some buns seek it out, others don’t. Penny prefers to sleep under her cardboard box, but Kirby likes to lie in the sun all morning. He just looks so contented. Ah to be a bunny! Annie keeps trying to steal my drink, even if it’s just iced tea. She only seems to ignore it when I have water. I can’t have a straw when  I’m in her pen either as she steals it! I can’t even put the drink on a table, because she’s taken over that as well. Oh well. Must be vigilant.

I bake my own banana bunny cookies to give our rabbits and the visitors, and I made a new batch last week. Surface space is at a premium in our house, so I left the cookie tray on my chair at the kitchen table after it had cooled, overnight. In the morning Butterscotch and Hershey are allowed in the kitchen. Well Butters made a beeline for my chair, jumped up and started eating the cookies! Luckily my dad was there to stop him from eating them all, but ever since then he always checks that chair in the kitchen for something good.



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