Gobble Gobble *Snore*

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I heard my Charlie snoring yesterday and realized he gobbles like a turkey while sleeping. It’s not very loud, but occasionally I’ll hear a weird noise and I’ll look down and see him fast asleep.

Even though Hershey is definitely the dominant of the pair, Butterscotch will sometimes dance around him. He did this yesterday for a while and then they snuggled. I guess Hershey doesn’t mind.

I took a little nap with Rusty yesterday, but he preferred to use me as an obstacle course. Good thing he doesn’t weigh very much.

Cannonball decided to make a tunnel under my legs in his pen. I’ll never understand a rabbit’s determination to push through something when they could just hop over. Don’t they know bunnies are built for hopping?

Glenda and Cannonball are going to be heading home later today and I’ll miss my two cuddle bunnies. Good thing I’ll still have Rusty for a few more days!


Run For Your Fluff

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Rusty arrived this morning for a week-long stay. He’s starting out in the den downstairs, but will get upgraded tomorrow when Glenda and Cannonball depart.

Glenda was doing some runs last night and it was no noisy it attracted all the boy’s attention. I was in the kitchen and came to see Hershey perched at the edge of the fence, watching Glenda race around the coffee table.

Cannonball doesn’t really like me cleaning his litter box. Every other day I scoop out the wet litter in the boxes so I don’t have to spend half my day in the basement cleaning liter boxes. Not every rabbit is used to this though and some take it as an affront “their territory.” Some rabbits are very possessive of their litter boxes and I understand that. It’s just a little annoying to be cleaning them while a rabbit nips at my pants.

Cranberry Sauce, Turkey & Twigs

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

All of the buns at Kamp Kronenberg had a very nice Thanksgiving. They even each got to have a little of my mom’s cranberry sauce. Everybun ate some except for Cannonball. Maybe it wasn’t sweet enough for him. We gave him some apple instead. After all the turkey, stuffing and pie that I ate, I was in need of a nap after dinner, and fortunately Glenda didn’t mind if I fell asleep while petting her on the floor. She even snuggled with me for a little while. Nothing better to snuggle with than a warm bunny!

We have some apple twigs that have been in the drawer for a while but when I gave some to the buns last night, Hershey and Butterscotch devoured them. I even gave them a big log and they still went to town, chomping down. Hershey is a super chewer.

Hoppy Thanksgiving!

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“Charlie & Bella”



Since today is Thanksgiving, all the bunnies get to enjoy a couple extra treats. We gave all the buns an apple slice this morning and I think Cannonball devoured it the fastest. We’ll have to give him more of that! I think he enjoyed that more than anything else we’ve given him so far.

Last night I was playing board games in Glenda’s pen (she has the coffee table) and at first she was not happy to be sharing her pen with extra humans. She nipped at both my and my brother’s knees, but eventually settled under the table and let us pet her. She likes to dump her pellets out of the bowl when she eats them, so we gave here those to distract her when she got a little antsy. It’s food, and a toy!

4 Guys, 2 Girls and a Lot of Fur

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“Butterscotch & Cannonball”

Glenda bunny is here for her second Thanksgiving. She was very excited when she arrived, binkying all over the place. She’s surrounded by three boys, so it’s no wonder. Glenda ate all her greens last night, as did everybun else in the house. It’s so nice when all the bunnies are eating! My Charlie and Bella decided to eat their dinner in the hall again so they could see all the bunnies downstairs. They always want to know what’s going on in their kingdom.

While sitting with Cannonball, I’ve found that he knows how to get attention. If I don’t give him a pet when he comes over he’ll dig at my leg until I give him attention. Needy boy! I certainly don’t mind petting him though, as long as I have a free hand. One handed typing for me!


Up On the Couch Top

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I’m keeping a bag of hay on the couch next to Cannonball’s pen and Butterscotch decided this was going to be his new favorite place. He hopped on up there and decided to stick his head into the bag and chow down. He’s a bunny who knows how to get what he wants!

Cannonball certainly noticed Butters up there and always ran over to the fence when he or Hershey came by. A girl, Glenda, is coming later today so I think all the boys will be even more excited. Cannonball is a total sweetie though and we had another long petting session last night. I almost felt like an evil genius sitting and stroking their cat while making their evil plans. He’s just so soft, it’s hard to stop!

Velveteen Mini Rex

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Little Cannonball is here for his first visit at Kamp Kronenberg and it’s been very nice for both of us so far. He puts his head right down for petting, every time. He’s such a softie too. I never get to pet my own Mini Rex, Hershey, like this. He’s the one-pet-and-done type, but Cannonball and I sat together for probably an hour all together throughout the evening. He let me groom him a little and even put his little paws up on my leg. Aw! Butterscotch and Hershey are parked where they can see him all day. He’s curious about them, but not in an aggressive way. He’s very mellow and not what I’m used to with my Mini Rex!

Upstairs, my Bella just would not quit digging hay off the puppy pad, so I had to once again innovate and put half a litter box on the pad. After a few days of digging, she has almost completely stopped. She dug a little last night and later this morning, but as long as she doesn’t do it while I’m sleeping I can deal. I also wedged a strip of extra carpet under my bed for her to tear at. She’s been digging in her “cave” recently too, so maybe she’s finally moving on to other destructive areas.


Bunny Company

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“Billy & Nutmeg”

Billy and his girls are going home today, and we get a few days break until more bunnies come to kamp. Nutmeg gave Princess a back massage with her mouth last night. Those girls are so sweet to each other. I know the boys are going to miss having them in the living room. They love the ladies!

Butterscotch also appreciated having other bunnies around for the two nights Hershey was at the vet. He had a stasis episode and we had trouble warming him up so we brought him to the vet where they put him in a heated cage and made him all better. We’re going to replace the heating pad, thinking of getting a SnuggleSafe, so we can treat them at home. Now all 3 boy Kronenbuns have had stasis. Charlie’s seems to be the easiest to treat, but they’re all nerve wracking. Fortunately Bella seems to have an iron stomach.


Bunny Ballet

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“Princess & Nutmeg”


Last night after snuggling, Nutmeg and Billy jumped over/under each other like a crisscross. I don’t think they planned it, but it looked beautifully choreographed. Billy later came over and nudged my foot for attention. “Pet me!” Then Nutmeg joined him and I got to do a double pet. There aren’t many more pleasing sounds than two bunnies purring in unison. Maybe three bunnies. Princess isn’t too eager to be petted so I mostly leave her alone. She’s older and arthritic so I try to keep her from moving unnecessarily. We do share two nice moments every day when I give her medication. She loves that stuff and slurps it down. I guess she doesn’t mind tolerating me.

Bunnies From “Outer Space”

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“Billy & Butterscotch”

“Princess & Nutmeg”

Billy and Butterscotch had a few close encounters last night, through plastic and double fences. The girls were totally uninterested, but maybe Billy liked seeing another boy.

All of a sudden Billy started thumping last night, and then I realised that my Charlie and Bella were out in the hall upstairs and he could probably see them. “Bunnies from up above!”

For a brief period last night I was able to double pet Nutmeg and Billy while they snuggled. I even tried sitting in their bed cushion on the floor to be near them, but that only lasted a few minutes before they moved on to something else.

This morning Nutmeg was tossing around the plastic baby keys for a solid 5 minutes. It was adorable, as expected. Those keys sure are a hit with these buns!

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