What Flavor of Pants Are You Wearing?

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“Bella & Charlie”

Last night I was sitting on the couch when Lily came over and started licking my pants. At first I checked to make sure she wasn’t biting me, but then wondered why she was licking. My pants aren’t usually particularly tasty. I looked down and saw a white smear and realized what it was. I had spilled some banana puree earlier and apparently some landed on my pant cuff. Oh boy was she enjoying that!

After initially only letting Butterscotch come in the living room, I allowed both boys to run around, as long as Hershey behaved himself. He did, for the most part. The only real hiccup was when Lily did some bunny runs and scared Hershey out of the litter box which then scared Butters so bad that he thumped on and off for like 15 minutes. Eventually he calmed down and snuggled with Hershey. He’s just such a sensitive little guy!

Our Bella is continuing her crazy streak. Yesterday she sneaked into my mom’s bathroom and started ripping up the rug behind the toilet. Doesn’t she know it’s dirty back there? She tried to get in there again today but was thwarted. In the past when she’s had these days of crazy it was followed by her nesting. I’m waiting for that to happen. I just don’t know what gets into her sometimes.


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