Velveteen Mini Rex

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Little Cannonball is here for his first visit at Kamp Kronenberg and it’s been very nice for both of us so far. He puts his head right down for petting, every time. He’s such a softie too. I never get to pet my own Mini Rex, Hershey, like this. He’s the one-pet-and-done type, but Cannonball and I sat together for probably an hour all together throughout the evening. He let me groom him a little and even put his little paws up on my leg. Aw! Butterscotch and Hershey are parked where they can see him all day. He’s curious about them, but not in an aggressive way. He’s very mellow and not what I’m used to with my Mini Rex!

Upstairs, my Bella just would not quit digging hay off the puppy pad, so I had to once again innovate and put half a litter box on the pad. After a few days of digging, she has almost completely stopped. She dug a little last night and later this morning, but as long as she doesn’t do it while I’m sleeping I can deal. I also wedged a strip of extra carpet under my bed for her to tear at. She’s been digging in her “cave” recently too, so maybe she’s finally moving on to other destructive areas.



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