Up On the Couch Top

November 25, 2014 at 11:52 am | Posted in bunny, long island, pet, rabbit, sitting | 2 Comments
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I’m keeping a bag of hay on the couch next to Cannonball’s pen and Butterscotch decided this was going to be his new favorite place. He hopped on up there and decided to stick his head into the bag and chow down. He’s a bunny who knows how to get what he wants!

Cannonball certainly noticed Butters up there and always ran over to the fence when he or Hershey came by. A girl, Glenda, is coming later today so I think all the boys will be even more excited. Cannonball is a total sweetie though and we had another long petting session last night. I almost felt like an evil genius sitting and stroking their cat while making their evil plans. He’s just so soft, it’s hard to stop!



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  1. Have your bunnies always liked to be petted? I have two adorable ones but I have to coerce them into letting me pet them while I feed them pellets (their favorites!) They like to hang out and run around, but never snuggle next to us or consent to be petted. The most they allow is a head stroke every once and a while. It makes grooming them through their patchy cycles difficult!

    • Some rabbits take to petting, some don’t. My four have all improved since I first got them, but some never like it as much as others. One of them will only let me pet his head occasionally, and that’s it. My upstairs 2 will let me lay down next to them, but none of my rabbits ever seeks me out. A couple visiting rabbits have. Petting them at feeding time is a trick I use as well.

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