Tunnel Under the Christmas Tree

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“Bella & Charlie”

Rusty watched us decorate our Christmas tree yesterday. I don’t think he knows what to make of it. Hershey and Butterscotch liked snuggling under the tree. We have the tree up on a platform to keep bunnies out of it, but it’s not so high that they can’t jump up there. Both boys each checked the platform out yesterday. Butters came down as soon as he realized I saw him up there, but Hershey stayed so long that I had to nudge him off to keep him eating a branch. I usually keep a fence in front of it, but open it up if I’m there to watch them. Hershey LOVES chewing, so I doubt he’d hesitate to chomp down on a wire.

There’s a blanket in part of Rusty’s pen that he’s been sticking his head under the last few days. Last night he finally tunneled under and all I could see was a lump moving around. It must be dark in there, but bunnies burrow in the wild so I guess he had the instinct.

Finally, I’ll close today’s entry with a mystery. Last night when I went upstairs to give Charlie and Bella their after-dinner carrot and noticed something odd in their water dish. I picked it up and realized that there were about 10 poops in there. Somebunny had pooped in the water bowl! It couldn’t have been there for more than an hour, and hopefully no one took a drink. So far no one has fessed up, so we may never know who pooped in the water bowl.



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