Attack of the Guinea Pig!

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“Bella & Charlie”

Jeffrey the guinea pig is here again for the holidays! Right after he arrived our Butterscotch started thumping. He and Hershey were afraid of Jeffrey! Jeffrey settled in right away. Generally nonplussed about the rabbits, he was a little curious when Hershey came over to explore. Butters didn’t calm down until Hershey came back to report to him that Jeffrey wasn’t a threat. They’ve never met a guinea pig before so I guess they just didn’t know how to react. He’s half their size though, not exactly threatening!

Upstairs our Bella has been spending a lot of time in her “office.” It’s a stack of folders wedged between two pieces of furniture, but she loves “filing,” (chewing on files). Unfortunately her “office” is right next to the “bathroom,” (litter box) so sometimes Charlie is trying to use the facilities while she’s hard at work and he has to squeeze himself by.

At 10pm last night Jeffrey put himself to bed. He hopped into his cage and went into his little igloo. He snuggled in and went to sleep all on his own! My rabbits never do anything quite like that! He came out a couple of times before I went to bed, but was back in there in the morning when we let Butters and Hershey out again. I guess they’re no longer afraid because they bounded into the living room, running right up the fence to get a glimpse of Jeffrey. Unfortunately since he was in his igloo, they couldn’t really see him. I’m sure he’ll be happy to come over and say hello later though!


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