Licks, Dreidels & Snores

December 26, 2014 at 1:35 pm | Posted in bunny, long island, pet, rabbit, sitting | Leave a comment
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“Motley Chue”


I had some nice petting sessions with Jeffrey yesterday and he even licked me a little once. He seems to like his back pet and if he’s really enjoying it, he’ll lay down flat like a pancake and stretch his legs out while he purrs. He gives much more a response to petting than rabbits do. Sometimes I’m lucky if they just let me pet them while they’re already lying down.

Last night my brother and I were playing dreidel in the dining room on the floor. It was pretty much the only space on that floor of the house with enough room to do it. Of course, Hershey and Butterscotch had to come over and see what we were doing. I thought they would start chewing on the dreidels, but they mostly just wanted to check up on what was going on in “their room”. It we’d been using real chocolate gelt, then I’m sure they would have gone for that!

Motley was a happy bunny last night, binkying all over her pen. She’s a big bun so she got some nice air! Today my mom heard a noise and figured it was a far off car alarm going off. Then she realized, no- it was Motley snoring! Every day we seem to think it’s something else! Bunnies snoring is just adorable.


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