Furry Full House

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“Motley Chue”

Yesterday we moved Jeffrey over a little to make room for Fulton. He’s next to Butterscotch and Hershey now and they both want to really see him. Hershey stretched up over the cardboard between them and Butterscotch is right at the plastic window saying “hello.” Jeffrey is right next to our Christmas tree now and his favorite new place to sleep is right near it. It’s so cute. He’s also in the line of sight from upstairs, so now Charlie and Bella can see him from the top of the stairs. I don’t think they know what to make of the little guy.

Fulton arrived in the afternoon and initially was not really interested in the other rabbits and guinea pig. He spent most of the day sleeping in his favorite spot, the far end of the coffee table. He did come out in the evening to see Motley and Jeffrey, but he was mostly interested in me coming over to give him his veggie treats. He came up on the couch once too looking for treats.

Motley wanted to see Fulton, but since he was hiding most of the day she had to settle for Jeffrey. He was making little *week* noises this morning when I came to see them.

With all of the new activity in the house Butterscotch hopped onto the chair in his pen to get a better look, and wound up falling asleep up there. We just happened to see him loafed up on top of the chair, fast asleep in the afternoon. Is there anything more adorable than that?


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