Two White & Spotted

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“Bella & Charlie

Last night Lily was a very busy bunny. I was watching her on the webcam after I put the downstairs bunnies “to bed” and suddenly she erupted into a series of bunny runs and binkies. It was even loud enough for me to hear! She’s not too active during the day when I’ve seen her, so I guess she exercises at night. Go girl, go!

Fulton is finally spending more time on the couch. Now he jumps up whenever someone comes in to beg for his treat. He came over to say hello to Lily in the afternoon and they were both a little shy about it. Aw! Neither has a bunny friend at home so maybe they like having another member of their species to communicate with here. I always try and encourage bunny socialization.

These two buns are the fluffy versions of my Charlie and Bella. One white girl, and one spotted boy. Fulton is a lot like Charlie in personality, but Lily is nothing like my Bella. She’s a bit timid and nice, while Bella is fearless, very active and doesn’t appreciate needless bothering. Lately, Bella has been digging in the litter box / pad area every night. She’s been waking me up at 8:45 everyday. I guess she wants me to get up early. Today, actually, was the first day in a while that she did NOT dig during the night. I guess she was trying to be nice and let me sleep, so she started digger AFTER I woke up!


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