Hoppy Birthday Hershey!

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

There’s a foot of snow outside, but there’s a party inside! Today we celebrated Hershey’s 4th Birthday  and his first at our home. We had a little party for him today and both he and his little brother had such a good time. I had to start the party a few minutes early due to dancing rabbits. The boys were following me all over the living room, jumping up and sniffing everywhere. They knew it was a special day!

Hershey and Butters enjoyed all their treats, and the humans enjoyed the cake. Hershey certainly thinks he’s top of the pyramid in our house, so his cake was reflective of that perceived status. Butters took a little taste of the peanut butter frosting, but Hershey wanted nothing to do with! He did chip a piece of the gum-paste Butters’s nose off though, and he tried to take a bite from a candle. Birthday boy does what he wants! I brought in a bowl of fresh snow for the boys to try too. Butters didn’t really care, but Hershey took a few nibbles before pushing the bowl aside.

I’m Sick—No, Wait, I’m Good

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We had another scare with Butterscotch yesterday when he didn’t want his afternoon pellets. Fortunately, an hour after meds he was back to normal. I wonder if he’s getting appetite loss from stress too. These boys are the only buns I know that get this way. Maybe we’re being overly cautious, but when a bunny pushes away his full pellet bowl, something is up. Don’t know what could have caused stress yesterday though. Oh well, at least he’s feeling better!

I opened up the window to Billy and Nutmeg’s pen in the evening because Butters was sitting just outside their pen, staring at the cardboard. I didn’t want to upset him earlier, but he seemed to want to see the visitors now. Billy and Nutmeg were happy to oblige, going nose to nose at the window. That’s how I know a bunny is feeling good, all they want to do is stick their nose everywhere they can. Buns are notoriously curious!

Keepin’ it Fleecy

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“Nutmeg & Billy”

“Charlie & Bella”

Billy came up on couch again last night. He just hops over me like I’m a cushion. He tried to get a good look at Hershey and Butterscotch from above. Whenever one of them meets him at the window, he’s always transfixed. Nutmeg actually came over and nudged my feet a couple of times. I don’t know if she wanted petting, or my feet were just in her way. I gave her a head pet until she decided to move on to the litter box.

We got Charlie’s new fleece yesterday and so far so good. It’s certainly very soft. After cautiously checking it out, Charlie and Bella eventually lay down on it. They seem to like it. No one’s peed on it yet though, so I don’t know if it’s a keeper yet! If this continues to go well, I’ll buy a couple more so Charlie’s on it more of the time. Gotta keep those tootsies cushioned.

Vacuum: Monster or Meh?

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I vacuumed up in the pen yesterday and billy did not like it. He ran away from me once I started. Nutmeg, however, was laying down and let me vacuum all around her without moving once. I had to wait a while for her to move so I could vacuum the ground underneath her!

Billy hopped up onto the couch all by himself last night. He stayed up there with me for a little while, letting me pet him and checking out the view. He hit a few keys on my laptop and looked down at Nutmeg who seemed very confused at his newfound altitude. I’d say he’s having a pretty good time!

That Bunny in the Window

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“Nutmeg & Butterscotch”

Butters and Hershey wanted to help watch Billy and Nutmeg. We left a window open yesterday and both Butterscotch and Hershey got to come over and look in on the visitors. It was so cute seeing Butters and Nutmeg go nose to nose at the fence. They’ve got the same coloring and only differ in the ears. When Hershey came over to talk to Billy, he started digging at the ground. “I gotta get at that bunny!” He even went up the chair outside the pen to get a better look.

I had Billy on the couch once and he stayed up there for a good 15 minutes. He sniffed and hopped around, checking out everything from the pillows to my laptop. Fortunately I tucked away the power cord before he got any appetizing ideas.

Attached at the Fur

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“Nutmeg & Billy”

Billy and Nutmeg are inseparable. Whenever I look in on them, they’re snuggled up against each other. It’s adorable. Butterscotch and Hershey have been spending most of their day snuggling next to the pen in the living room. They must really like Billy and Nutmeg! We opened up a little plexiglass window today because Nutmeg was scratching a hole in the cardboard. She really wanted to see my boys!

As I’m writing this, my little Charlie is fast asleep and snoring. When I hear my little guy snore, I can’t help but smile. You can’t say that about a human! It’s also nice to have a sleeping bunny, because that means they aren’t getting into trouble!

Surprise Snuggle

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My little Princess Bella Leche has certainly been lording her royal status over us lately. She’s taken to digging in the litter box every night, several times a night. Last night I had to pick her up and move her to the other side of the room 3 times. Oh baby girl! I just cleaned the pad this morning and she’s starting again. A cloud of dust erupted. She’s like pigpen in Peanuts!

I’ve gotten into the habit (after just 2 days!) of giving my Charlie and Bella a bunny treat before I go to bed every night. Two days ago I put the container on the floor before doling them out. Bella had no trouble helping herself.

Billy was chasing Nutmeg last night, probably due to my Hershey and Butterscotch’s proximity. Hershey does that to Butters whenever there’s another male present. After trying to distract him, and not succeeding, I picked him up. I took him back to couch with me and let him sit on my lap. To my surprise he didn’t jump down and run away, and actually let me pet him for a little while. Once he got bored with snuggling, he hopped off my lap and then down off the couch.

Hold Me, Mama!

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“Nutmeg & Billy”

“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Hershey didn’t want to eat his greens last night so I was worried he was having tummy trouble. We gave him around of stasis meds and he actually seemed to enjoy eating them. No other rabbit I’ve ever given them to has! Then, right after we put him down he ate a raisin alfalfa hay and some banana. I guess it was just stress or something, thank goodness, since he recovered so quickly. I had just set up the living room for visitors and he might not have been happy about that. Bunnies do not like change.

I don’t think the meds could have started working that fast, so I wonder if he calmed down by being held. It’s odd, but he’s the only one of our buns who doesn’t squirm when he’s held. It might be because he was show-bunny, and got acclimated to being held as a baby. Whatever the reason, I think it may actually relax him, which is great for treating stress. Certainly easier than giving meds!

Billy and Nutmeg arrived last night, which seemed to perk Hershey up a bit. They ate their green happily, and settled in quite quickly. Billy thumped a little in the beginning, but he calmed down later and I snuggled with him. Nutmeg spent about half an hour munching away in the litter box, so she must be very relaxed.

A Soft Place to Potty

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Charlie has been using litter box (oh yeah!) 2 days in a row, one off, and then twice this morning. I’ve been giving him a raisin when he comes out as positive reinforcement, but I don’t know if he gets the point. I’d been a bit concerned about his feet as he’s had trouble with sore socks so we took him to the vet today to get them looked at. He was due for his annual checkup in March, so this was just a little bit early. His feet aren’t too bad (hooray!) but we’re going to get some new fleecy flooring. Previously, the vet had mentioned Palace Pet Beds, but they recently got some new Eco Vet Bed fleece from AmericanPet. We’re going to try that and see if it helps/the rabbits are willing to sleep on it.

My boys downstairs are much better about using their litter box than their big brother Charlie upstairs, but occasionally Butterscotch will “miss” just outside the box. He sometimes likes to use his litter box as a “plate” and just puts his front paws in the box. That’s why we put newspaper around the box to pick up anything that doesn’t make it in. Sometimes he’ll do it several times a day and we have to change the newspaper. Well, he is the baby after all. I guess he’s entitled to some “accidents!”

Keeping Little Brothers Warm

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It’s been quite cold at night for the last few days here so we decided to leave the living room open for Butterscotch and Hershey all night. Hershey’s new favorite spot is just next the bookcase by the heater. We put a fence in front of the living room so no bunnies can sneak into the cold kitchen at night. Usually we just have some cardboard blocking the way, but with the fence, the bunnies can see upstairs much better.

A couple of times in the last few days I’ve found Charlie and Bella sitting at the top of the stairs looking down at their little brothers. All 4 Kronenbuns—together! They’re all so cute. They’ve even eaten a couple meals out there so they can keep looking at them! I wonder if someday they’d be able to live together on the same level near each other.

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