Hoppy New Year!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

We had some fireworks in the neighborhood around midnight last night, but the rabbits didn’t seem to mind too much. It wasn’t anywhere as bad as on the Fourth of July, but there was one really loud one. My brother thought it sounded like an M-80. Bunnies say, “it’s too cold out there for fireworks, come inside for a snuggle!”

My dad gave Fulton a cookie last night and he jumped up on the couch with him too. He’s such a sweet boy. He really didn’t want to go home this morning. Poor little guy, didn’t want to leave his camp friends! My brother and I were playing a board game in his pen yesterday when he gave my brother a shock. He sneaked behind him and put his paws on his back. Boy did my brother shriek! Good thing he didn’t try and bite him! I rewarded Fulton with lots of petting after that.

Lily yawned like a lion last night. She’s certainly got the fluffy mane of one. After Fulton left this morning, we’ve let Butterscotch and Hershey into the other half of the living room to run around. They both went to see Lily and she didn’t seem to mind the attention. At one point, Butters lied down under the coffee table and Lily up against the fence between them. So far Hershey has been behaving too.

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