Vacuum: Monster or Meh?

January 22, 2015 at 1:13 pm | Posted in rabbit | 2 Comments
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I vacuumed up in the pen yesterday and billy did not like it. He ran away from me once I started. Nutmeg, however, was laying down and let me vacuum all around her without moving once. I had to wait a while for her to move so I could vacuum the ground underneath her!

Billy hopped up onto the couch all by himself last night. He stayed up there with me for a little while, letting me pet him and checking out the view. He hit a few keys on my laptop and looked down at Nutmeg who seemed very confused at his newfound altitude. I’d say he’s having a pretty good time!



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  1. Awww bunnies love typing with humans. 🙂 They are very good at it. Maybe Nutmeg wants to message some of the other buns? Hehe When I vacuum, Jasper always goes to his litterbox and if I vacuum on that side he runs to the other side of the house. Lol. I hope one day he will understand that the vacuum will not hurt him.

    • One of my buns, Bella is like Nutmeg. She couldn’t care less about the vacuum. My other 3 aren’t too fond of it. I didn’t like it when I was kid either!

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