I’m Sick—No, Wait, I’m Good

January 24, 2015 at 11:33 am | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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We had another scare with Butterscotch yesterday when he didn’t want his afternoon pellets. Fortunately, an hour after meds he was back to normal. I wonder if he’s getting appetite loss from stress too. These boys are the only buns I know that get this way. Maybe we’re being overly cautious, but when a bunny pushes away his full pellet bowl, something is up. Don’t know what could have caused stress yesterday though. Oh well, at least he’s feeling better!

I opened up the window to Billy and Nutmeg’s pen in the evening because Butters was sitting just outside their pen, staring at the cardboard. I didn’t want to upset him earlier, but he seemed to want to see the visitors now. Billy and Nutmeg were happy to oblige, going nose to nose at the window. That’s how I know a bunny is feeling good, all they want to do is stick their nose everywhere they can. Buns are notoriously curious!


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