Vacation for the Bunny Sitter

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

“Bella & Charlie”

I’m going away for a week and my dad is watching the bunnies. All four of them. Hope they don’t give him too hard a time! I know how much work it can be to take care of little furries that you’re not used to. When I brought up my suitcase Charlie ran away. I think he thought it was a carrier. Butterscotch and Hershey will likely be the easiest. They’re younger and more flexible. Charlie and Bella are older and set in their ways. If Charlie doesn’t get fed when he expects it, he’ll go and find a human to feed him. He probably thinks he should be the one in charge when I go away!

What’s Goin’ on Up There?!

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We’re just 4 buns again, and Butterscotch and Hershey are very happy to have the entire living room back. They were so excited that they actually stopped eating dinner to go explore.

Today we weighed Charlie and Bella on the scale in the hall and Butterscotch could see us from the living room. I guess he thought rabbits being picked up signaled DANGER! because he started thumping and darting around the room. He didn’t even want to stand still to eat his pellets because he was so on edge. Aw! Poor little guy didn’t know what was going on and thought he might be next!

The boys really like sitting at the front of the living room where they can look up and see their big brother and sister. Tonight, Charlie was out in the hall and Hershey stood up on his hind legs in the living room to get a better look at him. Charlie finally has little brothers who, literally, look up to him.

Cardio Bunny Work-out

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“Binky, Butterscotch & Hershey”

Binky was very active yesterday afternoon. He started attacking the stuffed lion in his pen as Hershey watched from the other side of the fence. I think he was showing off for him. “I could take you, little brown bunny!” Then he passed out, exhausted.

Later he was running back and forth with Hershey again. It’s so cute. One would run, then the other would start and run until they couldn’t see each other anymore. Anything that helps Hershey burn a few calories, I’m in favor of. Binky will be heading home tomorrow, so I hope he and Hershey get in another workout tonight!

Upgrading the Bunny House

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“Bella & Charlie”

Charlie and Bell got an upgrade on their house last night. Now that both buns are spending so much time in their wooden house, I asked my dad to make it a little bit bigger to accommodate both of them. So far, so good. They’re weren’t as excited about it as I thought they might be, but they certainly seem willing to use it.

The construction work my dad did on it last night was a little bit noisy for the bunnies downstairs. My dad’s workshop is below Hershey and Butterscotch’s room so they had to endure a little banging noise. I don’t think they minded too much, they were too busy talking to Binky.

Hershey spends most of his day right at the fence where Binky is. They even ran alongside each other at the fence today and yesterday. They make such cute running buddies.

Thumping and Tossing

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“Binky & Butterscotch”


Glenda left last night so the boys all got to be together again. Butterscotch and Hershey are certainly happy to have more of the room back. I don’t think Binky minds who is on the other side of the fence, as long as there’s somebunny over there.

Binky and Butters were thumping again this morning though. We couldn’t figure out why, but something must have set both or one of them off. Sometimes there’s no telling with thumpers.

Yesterday Charlie was tossing one of his baskets into his pellet bowl. Then he did it again this morning. It’s adorable. He’s always been a flinger. Now he’s a little basket-bowl star!

Nibbles Hare and There

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“Binky & Glenda”

Glenda was binkying a lot last night and then started doing bunny runs. When she came back around Binky got startled and ran around his pen too. Later, Glenda jumped up onto her carrier and got Binky’s attention again. He proceeded to jump onto his carrier too so he could get a better look. He got a bit nippy later on. I don’t know if he just likes nibbling on my clothes because they smell like other bunnies or because they taste good, but he certainly was being fussy.

For some reason yesterday, Glenda stopped eating about half of greens. I don’t know why, she’s getting the same greens as before. She’s done this on previous visits though, so I guess she’s just getting fussy. She heads home tonight so I’m sure that’ll perk up her appetite.


Baskets of Fun!

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“Charlie & Bella”

We received another batch of sea grass baskets from Ikea. Charlie and Bella love them and were very happy to start devouring them. The boys not so much. Go figure. I gave what was left of their old baskets to Binky and Glenda who nibbled on them right away. Too bad I can’t get more toys made from this stuff.

When I was hanging out with Binky, he kept trying to climb up my leg. I don’t know what he wanted, but he was all over me. Later in the evening, Binky started thumping. It sounded like cannon fire! I didn’t know what it was that was bothering him, until I left his pen and saw my Charlie and Bella up in the hall. I guess Binky saw them hopping around up there and got a little scared. “More bunnies!”

Rabbit Explorers & Demolition Experts

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I heard some loud noises coming from downstairs this morning, so I headed down to investigate. Guess what I found? It was Binky ripping up a book. Well, more like tearing it to shreds. It’s one of the books specifically chosen for the rabbits to chew on and lives under the end table. Binky pulled it off the table and proceeded to act like a cheese grater on the paper. He made quite a mess, but it’s easily cleaned up, and gave him some safe entertainment for about an hour.

The day Glenda first arrived, she hopped up onto coffee table in her pen. I was not expecting that from her! She’s generally a very mellow bun and I don’t worry about her as a jumper, so this was quite the surprise. She couldn’t get very much purchase on the slippery table so she jumped down after a few seconds. She hasn’t been up there since, but I guess she just wanted to know what was up there.

Binky repeated this act yesterday on the similarly slippery, but smaller, end table. He used my pillow to jump up there and looked around from the higher vantage point. He couldn’t jump out of the pen from the table (it’s the middle of the pen for a reason) but I took the pillow out so he didn’t repeat the feat. I have a garbage can up there and the last thing I need is for him to go exploring and knock the can (and its contents) all over the floor.


Fresh Pellets!

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I saw Binky yawn yesterday. It’s like a little red cavern surrounded by black abyss. Later I yawned and then he yawned again. I didn’t think yawning was contagious to different species. All bunnies are eating well, greens, pellets, and treats. I think my boys would like to have a little more though!

Glenda was binkying with joy. I think she likes being the center of attention. All 3 boys downstairs watch her every move. I forgot that she likes to toss her pellets. After she dumped half of her bowl, I put them in a basket lid. She doesn’t seem to mind eating them from there, though I may find them all over the floor tonight. We’ll see.


A Girl! What’s That?

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“Butterscotch & Binky”


Binky is eating well now. I guess it just took him a few days got his appetite back. My dad gave Butterscotch and Hershey carrots in the morning and Binky begged for one too. That’s what I expect from a bunny!

Glenda arrived this morning and all the boys are quite taken with her. Binky was pretty happy to see my boys, but he didn’t know how to react to Glenda. He was so excited to see a girl he was running all over and rushed over to the fence whenever she came near. Hershey was, as per usual, also right at the fence, giving her a good sniff. At one point Binky starting thumping. Glenda was the new arrival, but she’s so mellow nothing really phases her. I guess Binky was just so amped up!


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